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ASU Football: Sun Devils' new Adidas uniforms unveiled

The moment every ASU fan has been waiting for over the long offseason.

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They're finally here.

After many months of speculation since their deal was made in November, Arizona State and Adidas finally released the Sun Devils' new football uniforms Wednesday through the Arizona Republic.

In the release, all four of the Sun Devils' four uniform colors — maroon, gold, white and black — were featured. There are a few minor modifications to ASU's previous uniform sets, such as obligatory Adidas branding on the jersey, glossier numbers and logos, gloves, shoes and accessories, a faint tire tead pattern on the jersey, a larger pitchfork on the pants' left side and a black pitchfork on the team's maroon helmets.

Other than that, the uniforms appear to be almost identical as how ASU has had them since redesigning its set with Nike, just as what many fans wished. After Adidas' previous releases with UCLA and Nebraska's new uniforms received negative backlash, ASU fans feared their team would face a similar fate.

It seems like Adidas respected Sun Devil Nation's wishes.

"The way I look at it is it wasn't what Nike had, it's what Arizona State had," Mark Daniels, Adidas Global VP of Team Sports, told the Arizona Republic. "They had very clean, bold looks that had some DNA that was very authentic to their school. We wanted to stay true to what the university's North Star was. And of course, we have elements that are very, very different."

One major element of ASU's uniform sets that's noticeably missing is the Desert Fuel combination, which should be addressed and revealed later.

According to Arizona Republic's Andrew Joseph, it looks like ASU's wide range of helmets are here to stay.

Check back for more updates.

UPDATE [8:06 a.m.] Todd Graham statement via Adidas:

Our partnership with adidas and the uniforms they created for our program are game changers for Sun Devil Football and Arizona State. We pride ourselves on our speed and intensity on the field, and the technology behind these uniforms will allow us to maximize these strengths. They have a look that appeals to all of our fans, from the young Devils playing peewee football to our longtime season-ticket holders, and there are components that pay homage to community, show respect for our past, and honor the proud tradition of Arizona State University and our Sun Devil Football program.