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ASU Football: "Desert Ice" uniforms for Texas A&M teased, full reveal coming Thursday

We've seen the home and away sets. Now, your first look at the uniforms ASU will take into battle against Texas A&M

Making every Arizona State fan's Wednesday night a lot better, the Sun Devils released the promo photos for the uniforms they'll be taking with them to Houston next month when they visit Houston for a nationally televised showdown with Texas A&M on Sept 5. The full uniforms will be released Thursday but the helmets and jerseys were dropped Wednesday.

Without further ado:

Here's a closer look at the helmet the Sun Devils will be sporting:


The helmets are a departure from those that ASU wore for their Desert Fuel game in 2014 against Notre Dame. Against the Irish, the copper fork was featured but not in the enlarged format.

From this writer's disembodied point of view, Adidas hit a home run with these threads. Let us know what you think.