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Reaction: Arizona State's 'Desert Ice' uniforms are, well, flaming hot

Adidas may have crushed any doubts ASU fans had about their new apparel deal going forward Wednesday night.

Just like Arizona State's unveil of its main Adidas uniform set on July 30, the Sun Devils' "Desert Ice" alternate for their Sept. 5 game against Texas A&M in Houston got the same treatment.

"Desert Ice" ended up matching a lot of what ASU fans rumored — a white version of the Sun Devils' popular "Desert Fuel" combination they wore last season against Notre Dame.

But somehow, it still looks even better than many of us were expecting. Tally up another win for Adidas here.

The two immediate surprises here are the numbers and the helmets. As last year's Desert Fuel went with white-to-copper gradient numbers, "Desert Ice" is going with solid, metallic copper numbers that appear to have a subtle pitchfork pattern.

For the lids, ASU went with its trendy oversized pitchfork helmets with a copper fork on the right, but new to the Sun Devils' repertoire are enlarged copper numbers on the left.

When the full uniforms get released Thursday morning — most likely at 7 a.m. Arizona time, just like the main uniforms — we will likely see white pants and shoes with copper accents. I've always been a fan of all-white uniforms — when done right, of course — and ASU and Adidas hits it out of the park. There's no questionable patterns on the rest of the jersey — just a clean, white look.

In fact, these may very well look even better than ASU's standard all-white combination.

The biggest takeaway, though, should be how well Adidas has treated ASU and its fans so far in their new, six-year relationship, which officially went into effect back on July 1. Not only did Adidas deliver on another uniform that was well-received by fans, but it also bought an ad on the homepage of once again promoting the release of ASU's new jerseys.