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ASU Basketball: Former Sun Devils coach Herb Sendek chats with Dick Vitale on Periscope

Herb Sendek looks like he's still doing well.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We're still not exactly sure why, but renowned ESPN analyst Dick Vitale did a live chat with former Arizona State coach Herb Sendek Sunday night through live-streaming app Periscope.

This appears to be Sendek's first public comments since releasing his farewell letter after being fired from ASU last March.

The "interview" was as casual as any conversation could be. From the video, it looked like Vitale and Sendek were at dinner at a restaurant in Lakewood, Fla., with their spouses. Sendek was all smiles and Vitale was his usual, cheerful self as he showed everyone how Periscope worked.

When asked about what he thought about UCLA and Arizona this upcoming season, Sendek gave a lot of praise to his former conference.

"I think the Pac-12 has a chance to be one of the very best leagues in the country," Sendek told Vitale. "I think there's going to be tremendous parity, great depth. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect as many as six NCAA Tournament bids out of the 12 teams in the conference."

Vitale grilled Sendek on a potpourri of subjects, including coaching with Billy Donovan, lessons he learned under Rick Pitino and a call he got from Bobby Knight early in his tenure with North Carolina State.

Sendek didn't address anything about his time at ASU, but Vitale called the job there "challenging" as he wrapped up the chat.

"You belong in coaching," Vitale told Sendek. "Somebody out there, an athletic director, someone looking for somebody with class, quality, character, the whole [bid], great for young people, and you're going to win...A lot of people don't realize you took Arizona State to the postseason. I mean, last year, you finished fifth in the conference."

Sendek appears to be enjoying his hiatus from basketball at the moment. Because he's still regarded as a great mind in the college basketball community, it probably won't take long before he finds another head coaching job if he's ready to return.

You can catch the full Periscope replay here: