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Daily Devil Dish: Sark snubs ASU football in drunk speech, ASU Soccer draws

We'll just leave this here...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ASU Soccer

In the team's second match of the season, the Sun Devils (1-0-0) drew in a scoreless exhibition match against Beijing Normal University on Sunday afternoon. It was the team's fifth international opponent in 2015 after facing four opponents during their tour through Spain in May. ASU will host UNLV on Friday at 7 p.m. at Sun Devil Stadium.

ASU Basketball

Houston Rockets guard and former Sun Devil basketball player James Harden hosted the James Harden Basketball ProCamp in Gilbert this weekend. A group of 250 kids in the grades K-12 were taught by Harden alongside some high school and college basketball coaches during the camp. It was the first time Harden hosted the camp in Arizona since starting it three years ago.

Herb Sendek was hanging with esteemed ESPN college basketball personality Dick Vitale.

ASU Football

Green Bay Packers first-round draft choice Damarious Randall intercepted a pass during his preseason debut in the Packers 24-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. The former Sun Devil finished the game with three tackles and a pass deflection, however suffered an injury scare when he was carted off the field and treated with IV fluids for dehydration before returning to the sideline.

The Sun Devils were ranked No. 15 in the country in this week's preseason AP poll. It's the first time that ASU has been featured in the top-25 of consecutive preseason rankings since the 1988 and 1989 polls. Another milestone under the direction of Todd Graham.

You can't spell suck without...

In case you missed it, a video was leaked of USC head coach Steve Sarkisian getting a little too confident after having a few too many drinks during the school's Salute to Troy event which featured donors, as well as USC players and coaches in attendance.

However, amidst his vulgarly-worded, drunken rant, Sarkisian managed to mention that Notre Dame, Oregon and Arizona State "all suck."

The irony is wonderful, primarily in the fact that Sarkisian is 0-9 against Pac-12 foes Oregon and Arizona State.

On another factual note, you actually cannot spell the word "suck" without USC.

Finally, if ASU really does "suck" so badly, what does Sarkisian call his team blowing a nine-point lead with under three minutes left and capping it off with arguably the worst Hail Mary defense I've personally ever witnessed?

Just some food for thought.

On the bright side, Sun Devil football fans, if you needed a reason to believe the program has made a name for itself, the fact Sarkisian was thoughtful enough to include ASU in the same breath as USC's long-time rival Notre Dame and Pac-12 champion Oregon undoubtedly gives you reason to believe Sun Devil football is a legitimate competitor to win the conference this year and beyond. Here's one to Sark!


Enjoy your week! You can continue to #EmbraceTheGrind alongside ASU football this week with "The Vision, Part IV" starring quarterback Mike Bercovici.

Go Devils.

Oh, and don't test House of Sparky.

See you September 26, Sark! And TrojanNinja85.