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Report: DirecTV to begin carrying Pac-12 Networks

After more than three years of negotiations, Pac-12 Networks may finally have a home on DirecTV.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Pac-12 Networks came into fruition in 2012, there has always been something missing. While the network made deals with almost every cable and satellite provider, popular satellite provider DirecTV and the network have never been able to come to an agreement.

This means that 39 million Americans do not receive the Pac-12 Networks. Finally, this highly-publicized conflict may be coming to an end.

According to Bruins Report an agreement is imminent between DirecTV and Pac-12 Networks and the satellite provider may begin to carry the network as early as in a few days.

The negotiations, which have been ongoing for more than three years, seemed to be at a standstill until last month, when AT&T bought DirecTV. AT&T is a corporate sponsor of the Pac-12 Conference so many logically assumed that a deal would be coming soon, hopefully before the 2015 football season.

A few days ago, it was reported that DirecTV was testing Pac-12 Networks on channel 612 (which is right above the SEC Network). Bruins Report, which is the UCLA site for Scout Media, is reporting that a deal would be done by next week at the latest.

Football on Pac-12 Networks is set to begin on Sept. 3 with the Arizona Wildcats hosting the UTSA Roadrunners. In total, six football games are scheduled to be televised on Pac-12 Networks during the first weekend of the season.