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Staff Roundtable: Reactions and grades for ASU Football's new Adidas uniforms

After discussing what we wanted out of Adidas, the House of Sparky staff weighed in once again on ASU's new football uniforms.

Here at House of Sparky, we're into uniforms just as much as the fans are.

Prior to Thursday's reveal, we weighed in on what we wanted to see in the ASU-Adidas relationship in Part I and Part II of a staff roundtable.

How do we feel about Arizona State's new uniforms now that they've been out for five days? Here are our takes below:

Ryan Bafaloukos: Overall I think Adidas did a nice job with the uniforms. They did not change too much, which is a good thing. I like the pitchforks on the side of the pants and I think the white and black uniforms look sharper than they did with Nike. I like the fact that "Arizona State" is in larger print and the fact that they kept to tradition is a good thing. While we are still waiting on some alternates, I give Adidas an A for their efforts on the new uniforms.
Grade: A

Kaelen Jones: I was actually pleasantly surprised by the Adidas uniforms. I thought the improvements were very good without being too drastic. I approve the removal of the large ASU print on the shoulders of the jerseys. Makes the jersey look less bulky. The only thing I disliked about the base jersey combination is that it pairs the sleek white cleats with black socks. It throws the whole base uniform off, in my opinion. I suppose I'll get over it since the rest of the fit looks pretty smooth. On the other hand, I really do like the watermark print. It almost gives the jersey a scaly look, and since the team mascot is a devil, it's a fitting look. As far as my favorite jersey combination though, one stands out in particular. The whiteout uniforms... wow. My goodness, those are so beautiful. I wish we could wear those every week.
Grade: A-

Josh Nacion: Thursday was a pleasant surprise. Yes, these uniforms look almost too similar to the Nike threads, but that's exactly what most of the Arizona State fanbase had wanted, at least for now. It seems like the real reason why Adidas won most ASU fans over was because they didn't screw up the uniforms as many feared after seeing UCLA and Nebraska's jerseys come out prior to the reveal. I liked how Adidas' signature "tire tread" pattern was subtly integrated. I thought there were actually several improvements such as the glossy numbers and logos and moving the shoulder stripes closer to the sleeve. The biggest thing that stood out to me was Adidas' public support for ASU throughout this whole process that Nike never gave the university (heck, Adidas bought a front page banner ad on to promote the reveal), and I'm guessing this is going to continue throughout their relationship.
Grade: A-

Connor Pelton: I will give the new uniforms a solid B. I have made it known before that I wanted to see something new from Adidas, filled with lots of variety and controversy. Obviously, we did not get that. The threads are basically exact replicas of last year's Nike jerseys. But I liked those uniforms, so I'm not going to sit here and criticize Adidas for rolling out the same stuff. That would just be hypocritical. Did they play it safe? Sure, and they delighted most of the fan base in doing so. So kudos for that. I am still very interested to see what they have planned for the two or three specialty jerseys this season. With most everyone liking the base uniforms, they can afford to take a few risks. I can't wait.
Grade: B

Chris Schubert: From a strict jersey standpoint, these may be the best we've seen out of Adidas. They are slick, sharp and modern. So from a grade perspective, I give them an A. It really is the start of a new era of for ASU football. A new culture, an upgraded stadium and new uniforms. All of that will be great for recruiting and giving the program a great look. But at the end of the day, jerseys may bring in the recruits but it's doesn't mean anything in terms of championships. Just ask Oregon.
Grade: A

Kristina Vicario: Adidas did not disappoint in the much-anticipated uniform revealing Thursday morning. In my opinion, these uniforms are an improvement on the Nike models. While they are similar in many ways, these uniforms are simple, yet clean, crisp and bold: a recipe Adidas needed to concoct for this team. They didn't try and do too much like the flame helmets, nor be too flashy with gold as one of ASU's primary colors, yet they made the numbers larger and helmets sleeker, not to mention the sweet new cleats that tie the entire uniform together. Overall, Adidas made smaller-scale changes that make a big difference in the overall look and ultimately created a great new look for this Sun Devil football team.
Grade: A

(House of Sparky writer Shane Theodore wrote an in-depth review the day the uniforms were released).

For anyone keeping track of GPA, that's about a B- average from the House of Sparky staff.