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Daily Devil Dish: Fall camp updates, #Pac12AfterDark top moments remembered

Fall football camp is in full force after Day 2, but everyone is still counting down until the start of the season.

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Top Stories

ASU Football Opponent Primer: Washington State - Connor Pelton checks in with the latest in our series of opponent primers with the Washington State Cougars. The Cougars led ASU 21-7 in the second quarter during their 2014 meeting, find out how this year's squad is shaping up.

Thursday Night Practice Report - From Arizona Republic beat writer Doug Haller's Thursday practice notebook: The Sun Devils already seem to be making huge strides.

"From where we were in the spring to where we are now is probably the biggest jump in my opinion since I've been here," coach Todd Graham said. "At least that's what I feel right now. We'll see how it goes (Friday) when we put on pads."

According to Haller, Graham and offensive line coach Chris Thomsen are paying close attention to filling both vacant tackle positions. The Sun Devils are considering Evan Goodman, Billy McGehee and Sam Jones, and will also look into using redshirt freshmen Zach Robertson, Steve Miller and Quinn Bailey.

ESPN remembers 2014's top #Pac12AfterDark moments

As the Pac-12 is known for its wackiness that happens after the East Coast's bedtime, ESPN Pac-12 Blog writer Kevin Gemmell ranked the top-five #Pac12AfterDark Moments.

The entire day of Oct. 4, 2014, which saw the "Jael Mary," came at No.1.