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Daily Devil Dish: Sun Devils survive against Cal Poly

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That was unexpected.

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Sun Devils outlast Cal Poly - It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't what most fans expected. The Sun Devils struggled against FCS Cal Poly, finding themselves tied with the Mustangs after three quarters and needing a late offensive surge to get a win. Take a look at our full game recap.

Is is time for an offensive change? - Shane Theodore can't figure out why ASU is still trying to run the Taylor Kelly offense with Mike Bercovici has its quarterback. Is column asks the question: Is it time for a philosophical shift on offense. (Note: This column was written prior to the Cal Poly game)

Pac-12 Week in Review - Kaelen Jones checks in with his Pac-12 Week in Review. USC, Arizona, Washington, Cal, Colorado and Stanford all rolled in Week 2 while ASU, Washington State and Utah all survived scares.

ASU Recruiting

It wasn't a major recruiting weekend for Arizona State, but the Sun Devils did host a pair of elite 2017 Arizona prospects. Highland (Gilbert, Ariz.) 4-star tight end Tyler Johnson and Basha (Chandler, Ariz.) 4-star quarterback Ryan Kelly were both in attendance as the Sun Devils topped the Mustangs.

Note from ASU Athletics

Press Conference Quotes

Todd Graham on Mike Norvell calling plays from the press box
Last week we felt like he couldn't really see and couldn't get the information he wanted. I think that's the way we are going to do it. There some positives about it tonight and I thought Taylor did a great job calling the field, him and Dale Alexander. There wasn't any issues on the field about getting out there and play calling.

Todd Graham on the progress of Mike Bercovici

I think he is doing really well. He makes some incredible throws. We have a lot of routes ran at the wrong down. We have guys very capable athletically just making some mental errors in some critical situations. We had a whole bunch of yards and not very much points. We have to score points. I like his demeanor on the sideline.

Sophomore running back Demario Richard on his role in the offense

You know we were just doing what we were coached to do, we were being discipline on our reads and listening to the captains on offense. Actually, the playbook, the scheme we ran this week was a great scheme so you know we were just doing what we were coached to and focusing on our detail."

Cal Poly Head Coach Tim Walsh on the ASU defense

Our offense is designed to do what they give us and the quarterback makes a lot of decision on whether he keeps it or gives it and some of them were called and some of them aren't. We thought they were conscious on our quarterback, therefore it opened up the inside part of the game.

Cal Poly sophomore fullback Joe Protheroe on the atmosphere at Sun Devil Stadium

When I walked out there those boos were music to my ears because that's the biggest stadium I'll probably ever play at. Boos are huge, crazy. I've been to a Raider game before but that's like unbelievable right there. I think we had them scared for a minute though. Tough lost, it was definitely fun though, I love my team. It was fun playing with them up there and going hard, we didn't get blown out, played hard, still lost, but I love my team.