The Camp Fargo Experience

With ASU football comes many traditions, and one of the newer traditions for students is Camp Fargo. In the past, students could camp out an entire week to get the best seats in the house, but with the changes made to Sun Devil Stadium and the double inferno, things have changed a bit. The way the new Camp Fargo works is Sun Devil Athletics will tweet out a location at 4 PM 2 days prior to kickoff and in a frenzy, students will sprint to that location to get the best possible campsite. It still is first-come first-serve, but it takes a little work to get the first spot in line.

For me, this is my second year camping out for games. Every week there is always something different going on at Camp Fargo, which is why it's one of my favorite things to do. There's never a shortage of games, food and fun times and it's truly one of the most unique experiences at ASU. People bring out footballs and soccer balls to play with while others will bring out their TVs with their gaming consoles whether it be an Xbox or PlayStation. Last week, there was a guy next to us who brought his GameCube out and we got very caught up in Super Smash Bros.

So far, my experience at Camp Fargo this year has exceeded my expectations. We did not expect that great of a camp turnout for Cal Poly, but camps were wrapped all the way around the stadium, which is a huge compliment to what Camp Fargo is and to how ASU football has energized many ASU students. One of the best parts of Camp Fargo is meeting new people. A lot of times, people will be camped out to people they don't know which will lead to new friendships. Camp Fargo is a tight knit community. We all have our friends, but strangers will come play football with you, or play video games with you and before you know it, you're talking and making a new friend. The atmosphere of Camp Fargo is awesome because everyone is friendly and walking up to each camp you feel totally comfortable interacting with whoever is there.

Alumni also help out with Camp Fargo as they will come bring the students food and interact with the students. I think it is really cool at the amount of support the alumni base has shown to Camp Fargo with all their gestures. As Sun Devils, they have realized how unique this is and have made a huge positive impact on the students. With the help of alumni, Camp Fargo has continued to grow and is bigger than ever. Camp Fargo is one of the most unique things to do on campus, and with its fun-filled and friendly atmosphere it will only continue to grow.

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