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Pac-12 Football: Week 4 Power Rankings

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Who rose and who fell in this week's conference power rankings?

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Full-fledged conference play is set to begin this week, and after the USC-Stanford matchup in Week 3, it can be assumed the rest of the Pac-12 slate is set to be as fun as it is competitive. With the conclusion of non-conference play, House of Sparky's Kaelen Jones and Connor Pelton provide you this week's rankings and how they see the group shaping out entering Week 4.

The North

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford (+2) Oregon
2. Oregon (-1) Stanford (+1)
3. California (-1) California (-1)
4. Washington Washington
5. Washington State Oregon State
6. Oregon State Washington State


Jones' Picks

Stanford surges ahead in the North. The first game of the season ultimately is one game, and the Cardinal have proven that with their two most recent performances. If quarterback Kevin Hogan can maintain his strong play throughout the season, Stanford will have a very good shot at staying at the top of my rankings. Meanwhile, in the middle of the rankings, Cal's near blunder against Texas has them teeter-tottering ahead of a growing Washington team.

Pelton's Picks

I hate to drop California after a road win, but winning at USC is a bit more impressive in my mind than beating a messy Texas team. The Ducks are still on the top of the division, and they will remain there until they drop another game. The punishment for barely losing on the road against a top five opponent should not be nearly as severe as the voters in the national polls would lead you to believe.

The South

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. UCLA (+1) UCLA (+1)
2. USC (-1) Utah (+1)
3. Utah USC (-2)
4. Arizona Arizona
5. Arizona State Arizona State
6. Colorado Colorado


Jones' Picks

Down goes USC, and down they go from atop the rankings. UCLA barely hung on against BYU, but it's enough to propel them to the top of the rankings in the South. The rest of the division remains in tact following last week's games.

Pelton's Picks

This should be a telling week for the South as four of the top five teams play each other and Utah has a road date with Oregon. Until we see those results, there remain lot of question marks. Is the real Josh Rosen the one that showed up against Virginia and UNLV, or the one that struggled against BYU? How will Arizona fare against a legitimate opponent? Was last week's performance an anomaly for USC? It should be a very telling Saturday.

Pac-12 Overall

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. UCLA (+1) UCLA (+1)
2. Stanford (+4) Utah (+1)
3. Oregon Oregon (+1)
4. USC (-3) Stanford (+4)
5. Utah USC (-4)
6. California (-2) California
7. Arizona Arizona (-2)
8. Arizona State Arizona State (-1)
9. Washington Washington
10. Washington State Oregon State
11. Oregon State Washington State
12. Colorado Colorado