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ASU Hockey: Sun Devils name Jordan Young, Liam Norris and Garrett Peterson as captains

All three of these players will wear the "C" on their sweater, with no assistant captains.

Michelle Hekle/Hekle Photo Images

The Arizona State men's ice program has named their first three captains in NCAA history.  Senior defenseman Jordan Young and graduate forwards Liam Norris and Garrett Peterson will all don the "C" for the Sun Devils this season, the team announced Tuesday night.

"After much deliberation and evaluation we felt strongly that our most tenured players should wear letters," Powers said. "Liam Norris has been here longer than any other coach and player besides myself and has helped build our program. Jordan Young is right behind Liam in tenure and has also helped build this program to where it is today.

"We wanted to mix in a different look as well and Garrett Peterson has been a model student athlete since the day he got here. Garrett won our iron man award for fitness testing and will provide valuable leadership and experience this young team needs in our first season."

These three are the only seniors/graduate players on the roster this season, leading a very young Sun Devil team on a daunting journey. Young entered this year having served as an assistant captain for the ACHA team for the past two seasons. Norris donned the "A" for the ACHA ASU club last season, and he will enter his fifth season at ASU.

Peterson brings the experience to the table, transferring from Notre Dame as a graduate student. He served as a captain for his Triple-A team as well as the juniors before he got to ND.

"My heart absolutely sank when Coach told us the captains today in the locker room," Peterson said. "I have to say it felt like the call I got from Coach to come to ASU for the first time. My heart totally sank then and to be named the captain of this inaugural team, it’s just an honor. Not a lot of words can describe it."