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ASU Hockey: No wasted opportunities for Sun Devils in 2015

The Sun Devils are hoping to make the leap from ACHA to Division I with relative success.

In just mere days, the Arizona State Sun Devils' men's ice hockey team will lace up its skates and take the ice at Gila River Arena for the programs first game as a Division-1 school on Oct. 3. While this first contest is against the Arizona Wildcats, an ACHA opponent, the Sun Devils and coach Greg Powers realize no game can be overlooked.

"We’re going to approach the Arizona game, really like we are any other game," Powers said. We can’t afford to go into any games this season, when we’re building the foundation that we are and prepare for an ACHA opponent any differently than we do for NCAA. And when we face off against UA on Oct. 3, they will see our very best."

The Sun Devils, led by Powers, are trying to make a successful leap from club to Division I play, not something that can be laughed at. There is a lot about the game that will change for these players, and there will be little time to adjust.

"Our guys that were with us last year, the time and space that they are used to happening, it just won’t be there," Powers said.  So we’re really focusing on the limited time we have with them on the ice right now. And they look good, they look really good. Everything we’ve done can be used, I believe, at this level. Everything has to be enhanced."

For months, there has been a bunch of buzz surrounding this hockey team, its program and its coach. The eyes of college hockey world are on ASU, a group of hockey players looking to make an impact.

And for Powers, this has been a wild ride. From starting out as a goaltender for this ASU hockey team back in the nineties, to now leading them as they embark on a feat that not many other teams could even attempt.

When the puck drops on October 3rd, it is just the beginning for an Arizona State program that is look to make an impact, and they realize how important each second of ice time will be for them this season.

"Really what we’re focused on right now is being the most successful startup Division I hockey program ever." Powers said. "Penn State set a really good bar. They’re already very good, they’re very competitive. They’ve done a great job. We want to be better."