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Daily Devil Dish: Full coverage of ASU's defeat to USC

Postgame stats, quotes, recaps, columns and more in today's Daily Devil Dish.

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Full Recap: Sun Devils fall 42-14 to Trojans - ASU made critical mistakes at the wrong time Saturday night on their way to a 42-14 defeat at the hands the USC Trojans. Take a look at our full game recap.

Turnovers Sink Sun Devils - Despite the numbers on the scoreboard, ASU actually hung with USC Saturday night. The Sun Devils finished with more rushing yards, they held the ball longer and they finished with just one less total yard. For ASU, the game was lost because of costly first half turnovers.

Too Soon to Write Off ASU - Yes, the Sun Devils have looked disastrous in their two games against Power 5 opponents. Yes, the schedule is brutal with game remaining against UCLA, Utah, Oregon and Arizona. However, it is still too soon to write off ASU.

ASU vs. USC Postgame Coverage


Todd Graham

Graham's Opening Statement

Just congratulate USC. They obviously were the better team tonight. I was proud of our team, how they responded in the second half. Obviously, self-destructed right there before the end of the first half. Our plan was to slow the tempo down and we wanted to play about 65 plays on defense and about 80 plays on offense. I think we ended up playing 79 on offense and 63 on defense. Bottom line is we turned the football over four times and that absolutely killed us.

On Ball Security

You know, we work really hard preparing them. We've got some new guys handling the football. Boy, there's a lot of dropped passes. I think we're putting the ball in jeopardy way too much, and we've never done that in the whole -- we've put the ball in jeopardy is what's -- if you do that, that's why I say that all the time, you're not going to have a chance to win games.

On Missed Tackles

There were times we missed some tackles tonight. Man, we gave up a hit screen on the sideline that's just, golly, we came underneath, and that's just something we don't do. But, I mean, they got some, they throw that ball out there to No. 2, and I mean, No. 2 and No. 9, Adoree' and those guys, JuJu, are pretty dad gum athletic, you know. Now we missed some tackles tonight, and I think we had the ball I know a lot more than they did. I think about ten minutes more than they did on the night and that was by design. I don't know, eight or nine TFLs and probably three sacks or something like that, and we needed to have about eight sacks. And we missed him back in the back field on one that just broke our back.

Safety Jordan Simone

On Tackling Issues

That's just something that we gotta do better. Tackling is something that we work on and talk about all the time just gotta do better in those situations, mostly myself, those under-routes, miscommunications, guys not doing what they are coached to do, I gotta do a better job communicating out there and I take all the blame for that just because I'm the leader of this defense and we don't like stuff like that to happen and we'll get it corrected and move forward and that's the only thing we can do.

Quarterback Mike Bercovici

On the Fumble at the End of the Half

We had a pretty basic play on, they got some really good pressure from the backside, Demario and I mishandled the snap, that's on me as a quarterback you have to make sure those situations, first-, second-down worst case situations, just take a knee at quarterback and move on. It's a learning experience but we have to know better than that. Our identity is owning football especially when you get down to the edge-line its gotta be score or making a play.

On the Stalled Drives

Drops are going to happen. That kind of stuff you can't control. Obviously you just move on to the next snap, other than that, I felt that we did a good job running the football tonight. Obviously I think the biggest thing for us is when we do get down to the 40-, 30-yard line we have to start moving forward into the red zone and start putting up points and as a quarterback that's my job, whether it's ball location or a couple times tonight, overthrown the receivers and whatnot.

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Kalen Ballage's Statement

Sophomore running back Kalen Ballage posted a strong message to fans inside an ASU football Facebook group.