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Pac-12 Football: Week 5 Power Rankings

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Who's the top team in the conference following a wild weekend of play?

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Big time showings from the top teams in the South highlighted this past weekend's conference battles. Meanwhile, Oregon's loss puts them in unfamiliar territory as they had hoped to be in contention for the top of the division. Take a look at how House of Sparky's Kaelen Jones and Connor Pelton view the state of the Pac-12 entering Week 5.

The North

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
1. Stanford Stanford (+1)
2. California (+1) California (+1)
3. Oregon (-1) Oregon (-2)
4. Washington Washington
5. Washington State Oregon State
6. Oregon State Washington State


Jones' Picks

Oregon's big loss drops them a spot here, as Cal continues to creep up the rankings. Stanford's offense has been firing on all cylinders as of late, and until that changes, there won't be much change here.

Pelton's Picks

Pretty clear picture shaping up now in the North. The only spots I hesitated on were the last two, eventually deciding to leave Oregon State at fifth since they put up a fight against Stanford (and were actually just a couple of fluky plays on defense from having a real shot at winning).

The South

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
2. Utah (+1) Utah
3. USC (-1) USC
4. Arizona Arizona
5. Arizona State Arizona State
6. Colorado Colorado


Jones' Picks

Utah's performance was certainly impressive, but even so they matched up well with Oregon and historically have played them well in recent tilts. I think UCLA and Utah are essentially interchangeable as the top team in the South, that considering the Bruins' injuries.

Pelton's Picks

No changes this week, but we did learn a lot. The real Josh Rosen stood up and shot UCLA into playoff contention (although that one point win against BYU is starting to look worse). Arizona got exposed badly when it was forced to play a legitimate opponent, and USC is still right in the thick of things thanks to its blowout victory.

Pac-12 Overall

Rank Jones' Picks Pelton's Picks
2. Utah (+3) Utah
3. Stanford (-1) Stanford (+1)
4. USC USC (+1)
5. California (+1) California (+1)
6. Oregon (-3) Oregon (-3)
7. Arizona Arizona
8. Arizona State Arizona State
9. Washington Washington
10. Washington State Oregon State
11. Oregon State Colorado
12. Colorado Washington State