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Pac-12 Football Power Rankings: Week 2

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There's been an early shakeup to our Pac-12 conference rankings.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Pac-12 is certainly going to be more entertaining than many of us probably would have expected. The opening weekend was certainly an indication of that. Now, let's take a look at how the power has shifted after we finally had the chance to view each of the programs out on the field.

The North

Rank Kaelen's Pick Prev. Rank (Change) Prev. Game/Next Game
1. Oregon 1 (none) W - 62-41 vs Eastern Washington/Next @ No. 5 Michigan State
2. California 3 (+1) W - 73-14 vs Grambling State/Next vs San Diego State
3. Stanford 2 (-1) L - 16-6 @ Northwestern/Next vs Central Florida
4. Washington 5 (+1) L - 16-13 @ No. 23 Boise State/Next vs Sacramento State
5. Oregon State 6 (+1) W - 26-7 vs Weber State/Next @ Michigan
6. Washington State 4 (-2) L - 24-17 vs Portland State/Next @ Rutgers


The North wasn't the strength of the conference heading into the season, and didn't prove otherwise last weekend. Oregon handled its business, however Stanford started off the year on the wrong note. Meanwhile, Cal's offense manufactured 73 points, and albeit against Grambling State, the Golden Bears deservedly jump the Cardinal in the rankings.

It may be a week or so too soon to suggest, but the Golden Bears are the team to watch out of the North, and should jump out to a 5-0 start to the season should they maintain form.

In the lower half of the division, Washington held its own despite having a true freshman at quarterback and a young defense against No. 23 Boise State on the road. They jump a spot up, as does Oregon State, whose quarterback I must admit am intrigued by. Washington State surprised with a very disappointing loss to Portland State, losing starting quarterback Luke Falk in the process.

The South

Rank Kaelen's Pick Prev. Rank (Change) Prev. Game/Next Game
1. USC 1 (none) W - 55-6 vs Arkansas State/Next vs Idaho
2. UCLA 2 (none) W - 34-16 vs Virginia/Next @ UNLV
3. Arizona State 3 (none) L - 38-17 vs Texas A&M/Next vs Cal Poly
4. Utah 5 (+1) W - 24-17 vs Michigan/Next vs Utah State
5. Arizona 4 (-1) W - 42-32 vs Texas-San Antonio/Next @ Nevada
6. Colorado 6 (none) L - 28-20 @ Hawaii/Next vs Massachusetts


We can't quite anoint USC the undisputed head of the division yet, but they undoubtedly dominated an outmatched Arkansas State team. However, UCLA may be prepared to tackle the task of challenging their rival, as true freshman quarterback Josh Rosen looked every bit talented as advertised in the Bruins' opening victory.

For Arizona State, it was a call back to earth as they were simply outmatched by Texas A&M, although their defense may be something to keep an eye on in their quest to win the South. Utah also looked stout defensively against Michigan en route to their win and jumping the Wildcats in the rankings. Arizona loss star Scooby Wright III and looked vulnerable defensively throughout their opener against UTSA.

Colorado looked underwhelming in their loss to Hawaii, and unless they can take advantage of a weak non-conference schedule, will find themselves in poor standing once again in 2015.


Rank Kaelen's Pick Prev. Rank (Change)
1. USC 1 (none)
2. Oregon 2 (none)
3. UCLA 3 (none)
4. Arizona State 4 (none)
5. California 6 (+1)
6. Utah 8 (+2)
7. Stanford 5 (-2)
8. Washington 10 (+2)
9. Arizona 7 (-2)
10. Oregon State 11 (+1)
11. Washington State 10 (-1)
12. Colorado 12 (none)


I think the first three go without question. ASU remains the No. 4 team in the ranking solely because their defense performed admirably against the best opponent any team in the Pac-12 faced this past weekend. The Golden Bears are right on the Sun Devils' heels now, however.

Utah also rises in the rankings, but will need to figure out how to score more points on the offensive end. Washington also rises after holding its own in Boise, along with Oregon State.

Stanford and Arizona each fall two spots after underperforming, while Washington State drops a spot following its loss. Colorado stays at the bottom of the pack heading into Week 2.