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ASU Baseball: New jerseys on display at the ABCA Convention

The new ASU baseball jerseys leaked at the ACBA convention Friday morning.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona State baseball team is the final "major" sport to not unveil their new uniforms from adidas. Whether it was intensional or not, the new uniforms were on display at the annual American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Nashville Friday morning at the adidas display, with college baseball guru Kendall Rogers tweeting some photos of the display.

According to Rogers, the jersey is official, however the Sun Devils will return to wearing hats with the interlocking "A" and "S" that the team wore for much of the last decade.

The script "Devils" across the chest seems to be a throwback to these uniforms worn during the mid-2000's (a time of great success for the program).

The white ASU tops also strike a resemblance to another former ASU jersey.

Much like football and basketball, adidas went with a simple and clean design. Fans will appreciate the interlocking "A" and "S" on the hats as well as a simple jersey design.

ASU baseball opens the season on February 19.