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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 7

Halfway through the 2016 season, and the Pac-12 is on pace for another wild finish.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With Week 6 in the books, we have now reached the halfway point in the 2016 college football regular season.

Things look much different than what was originally expected to happen in the Pac-12 back in the offseason. With that said, there's still plenty of time for the jostling to grab a stronghold of the conference to continue.

Below, Connor Pelton and I deliver our Pac-12 power rankings entering Week 7 of play.

Pac-12 North
Rank Pelton Jones
1. Washington Washington
2. Washington State Washington State
3. Stanford Stanford
4. Oregon State Oregon State
5. California California
6. Oregon Oregon

Closer Look

Washington appears to be every bit as good as advertised, entering the second half of the year atop the rankings. It seems as though its rival Washington State has turned a corner after starting the campaign slow, disposing of Stanford with ease this past weekend. Meanwhile, the biggest surprise of the season remains to be Oregon, which has plummeted to the bottom of each of our rankings this week.

Pac-12 South
Rank Pelton Jones
1. Utah Utah
3. Colorado Arizona State
4. Arizona State Colorado
6. Arizona Arizona

Closer Look

Utah, Arizona State and Colorado are in a three-way tie atop the South division, but USC seems to have finally awaken after defeating ASU and Colorado in consecutive weeks. Preseason favorite UCLA is the No. 5 team in each of our rankings at this time in the campaign, too.