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ASU Football: Has ASU addressed its "laundry list" since USC loss?

ASU Maroon Helmet being carried
Miles Todd

Since their loss to USC, the Arizona State Sun Devils have had a “laundry list” of problems they need to address.

The first of which is their run game. The Sun Devils only gained a total of 75 net rushing yards against the Trojans, something that needs to be better if they hope to win against UCLA.

Next is tackling. They practice tackling everyday. Despite only getting limited time to see practices, it is something that is seen by the media almost every time we’re there. They just need to apply it in game or at the very least not give up big plays from it.

Third and final is the quarterback situation. Redshirt-sophomore Manny Wilkins is recovering well but redshirt-freshman Brady White is set to start against UCLA. Is he prepared? His teammates and coaches are very confident he is.