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ASU Men's Basketball: Sun Devils set to start Hurley's second year

College basketball is back :)

The Arizona State Sun Devils' first season under Bobby Hurley was okay, at best. A 10-3 start was followed with just five wins over the next 19 games. That said, several new additions to the roster provide reason for optimism while a few new holes give more than enough reason for concern.

Expectations aren't high for Arizona State.

The Pac-12 media poll slotted them at 11th. That's in-part because of the newcomers that are unproven like Shannon Evans II and Sam Cunliffe, but that is also due to the fact that ASU does not have an experienced, proven big-man down low. Small ball might be fun to watch, especially given Hurley's desire to play at a high pace on both ends of the floor, but the question marks surrounding ASU's frontcourt may prove too great.