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ASU Basketball: Obinna Oleka had the dunk of the year and the basketball world loved it


Jimmy V Classic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Arizona State Sun Devils were pummeled by the No. 18 Purdue Boilermakers at the Jimmy V Classic in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. But before head coach Bobby Hurley’s post-game dismantling of his group’s poor performance, the Sun Devils came into the fight swinging.

In the case of senior forward Obinna Oleka, he came out jumping and dunking on top of everybody, too.

Down 2-0, ASU guard Shannon Evans II raced down the court, then lofted a pass from the top of the perimeter for an alley-oop intended for Oleka.

Oleka soared up, grasping the ball with his right hand high above the rim before emphatically throwing it down, catching Purdue’s PJ Thompson in his poster for what’s being considered by many to be the dunk of the year.

The college basketball world reacted accordingly.

RIP PJ Thompson, and welcome to the national spotlight, headband-wearing Obi Oleka.