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Pac-12 Basketball Power Rankings: Feb. 9

Our latest look at the current state of the conference.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but we are just one month away from the start of the Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas.

So, how does the conference look at the moment? House of Sparky's Connor Pelton and Kaelen Jones' break it all down below.

Rank Pelton's Picks Jones' Picks
1. Oregon Arizona
2. USC Oregon
3. Arizona USC
4. California Utah
5. Washington California
6. Oregon State Oregon State
7. Utah Washington
9. Colorado Colorado
10. Arizona State Arizona State
11. Stanford Stanford
12. Washington State Washington State

Pelton's Picks

Oregon seems to be the clear-cut No. 1 team at this point. The Ducks have won nine of their last 10 and have an eight-point road win against Arizona on their résumé.

Arizona State finally broke free from their spot at No. 11 thanks to a road win against Washington State. The Sun Devils do appear to be playing better, and — thanks to some impressive nonconference wins —  still have a good shot at an NIT berth.

Jones' Picks

The Wildcats’ margin is beginning to get a little bit thinner, as Oregon turned in a couple of solid performances and USC extended its impressive run in Pac-12 play.

Elsewhere, the interior of the conference remains a crapshoot, as Washington and California appear to be the most capable of challenging for a spot in the upper tier as of now.