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Play in the House of Sparky Bracket Challenge!

Pit your brackets against the House of Sparky staff and fellow ASU fans

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Well it is that time of year again. The time when 68 (soon to be 64) teams battle for a National Championship in the craziest tournament in sports. For the second straight year, the Arizona State Sun Devils were snubbed of a tournament bid.

Just because ASU is out of the NCAA Tournament this year, doesn't mean you should be, too.

In the meantime, we encourge you to test your college basketball knowledge against fellow ASU fans and House of Sparky writers in our 2016 Bracket Challenge powered through Yahoo! Sports.

While we contemplated giving our prizes, there really isn't a better prize than being able to talk trash in the comments section of this site for the next 12 months about how you won the bracket challenge and clearly know more about college basketball than the writers who get paid (albeit a very small amount) to cover the sport.

So with that we leave you to filling out your brackets. As a bonus, the best bracket names will be given a shoutout on Twitter and Facebook!.

Our bracket challenge is now open and free to all readers, fans and their friends. Join the House of Sparky Bracket Challenge today!