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ASU Football: Damarious Randall's anti-ASU comments cause social media frenzy [NOT APRIL FOOL's]

Two hours before April Fool's Day, things already started to get strange.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

#Pac12AfterDark went into full effect Thursday night when former Arizona State Sun Devils safety and current Green Bay Packers cornerback Damarious Randall tweeted some uncharacteristic comments.

Let's not look too much into this. Maybe Randall was getting ready for April Foo --


With ASU Twitter already perplexed, Randall went on the live-broadcasting app Periscope to air out some of his frustration in two separate broadcasts (both archives have been deleted), saying "I don't even know what ASU is" and "I should've went to Florida State."

ASU fans grew even more concerned when a suspicious comment popped up on Randall's first broadcast.

Since apparently no one had better things to do Thursday night, Demario Richard quickly went on a Periscope broadcast with teammate Armand Perry to defuse the situation, saying "I love Coach Graham, y'all tripping" and to confirm his allegiance for ASU.

You can watch the replay below:

Meanwhile, Randall slightly eased up later in the night. He told viewers his frustrations had nothing to do with the program itself and confirmed rumors that "one of three things" of his anger is due to being denied access to the ASU recreational complex.