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ASU Football: Quarterback quotes from Monday's spring practice

Just two more scheduled spring practices remain for ASU.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Every Monday, the three quarterbacks battling for the starting quarterback spot are made available for the media. Below are full quotes from Monday's session.

Manny Wilkins

On trusting receivers, and throwing the ball confidently

I mean, I feel like we have confidence in the guys who are on the field right now. I think we have a lot of guys who can go get the football. It's really just trusting yourself and having the faith, and having the control of the ball, really. If you're accurate, you can put the ball in a place where he can only get it.

And a lot that comes from experience?

I'm confident in the guys that I'm around, and I know the other quarterbacks are confident in the guys that they're around, so it's really just if we think they have an opportunity to go get it, we'll throw it.

On trusting targets

Those guys, sometimes when you're trying the judge a ball whether to throw a back-shoulder or whether to put it up, those guys tend to have a separation at 11 yards or 12 yards, they'll have that extra oomph when they're running. Those kinds of guys, you can just put it up and trust that they'll go under and get it.

On his routine

On days like today, right after practice, I'll get dressed, go eat. I'll watch film right after now, then after that I'll go home, watch film. They'll put corrections on there, but I watch the practice (film) before the corrections get put on there just to see if I pick up on it first.

Then I'll watch, and after corrections, I'll go do tutoring. Then when I get home and don't have anything else to do, homework is done and everything, I'll just go through it again and watch some game film and try to get some game reps mentally.

On his evolution as a player, and what he notices in himself

I'm just more patient, really. I see that I can see the defense differently and I pick up on things a little bit quicker than I used to. I'm just more comfortable, really.

Brady White

On trusting receivers, and throwing the ball confidently

We trust our guys completely. We've got great receivers, and we know that our line and our running backs will pick up protections, so when we get one-on-one coverages and stuff, you know you can go there and you know you've got that option.

There's some times where the defensive back will win on the line of scrimmage, and it slows down the process, but for the most part our guys win a lot, and we're gonna give them the chance, whether that's up front or back-shoulder.

On processing the game quickly

You've just gotta trust the guys up front. They're doing a great job, and there's times where you might get sacked, but as a quarterback it's your job to get the ball out of your hands and not take a sack. But, for the most part on those, giving the receiver a shot or quick game, you're going to be able to get the ball out of your hands and the line's going to provide enough protection.

If there's times where a guys coming free, you might just have to throw it away and not take a negative play. Or if you have an opportunity to put it on your receiver—it's kind of in the moment. But, for the most part you should be able to get the ball out of your hands, and it's rare that you're gonna be holding it and taking a sack as your best option.

On getting the ball out quickly

I think it all depends. If a guy is struggling off the line of scrimmage, it's probably not the best option to throw it out there, because the defensive back is gonna have his eyes around and could be ready, so could be the ball's in jeopardy. Some times you might just have to sit and wait for their eyes to get around and anticipate that, but it's your job to get the ball out and then it's all about timing that you work on during extra time with your receivers, so you should be getting it out, but there's times where you're going to have to sit on your back foot a little and wait for him to win a little more. But, for the most part, you're getting it out.

Bryce Perkins

On trusting receivers

It's pretty much based off of game situation. You have to know what the down-and-distance is, what you need — if you need a field goal, if you need a score, where's that at in the game, if it's late, if it's early ... It's just about the game situation and awareness you have to have.

On having experience and how it affects timing

It's definitely difficult because the game is pretty fast. So when anything is moving, it's just about keeping your composure, and all of that comes with time and repetition, repetition.

On the quarterback battle, and whether he feels pressure to leave lasting impression.

Definitely. It's not any different than any other week. Every week I strive to win the day, beat everybody out. Just last week, it's the final touching points, making sure you leave a good impression, go out strong. It's a big evaluation coming up, so it's about doing everything right; all of the details, all of the mistakes you've made, get in the film room and correct them.