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ASU Football: OC Chip Lindsey, OL coach Chris Thomsen answer some of your questions

There's two spring practices left. Post questions you'd like to see asked to coaches in the comments.

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We didn't get to all of them (yet), but Arizona State Sun Devils offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey and offensive line coach Chris Thomsen took time to field a few questions from ASU fans, providing insight on the quarterback battle and the state of the offensive line.

Note: We added some of our own insights following the coach's responses.

Chip Lindsey

Which offensive lineman has stood out the most?

"Hard to pick one. If I had to, I'd say a couple guys. I think Evan Goodman has had a solid spring, Quinn (Bailey) has had a solid spring. I'd probably start with those two. I think those two have been leaders in that area."

Reaction: This is true, particularly if we're considering pass-pro reps. The line as a whole looks great running the ball, but the interior of the group is still searching for consistency. Both Goodman and Bailey have held their own in pass pro, and have been key in setting the edge for the ASU tailbacks to bounce so many long runs off-tackle this spring.

What's the identity of your offensive line?

"Physical. They've tried to be physical every day. Offensive line play is so much about continuity and those five guys playing together, so we're still working for the right combination of guys. But, I think they've tried to establish that tough and physical identity, and I've really been pleased with their progress."

Reaction: Yup. Demario Richard is adamant he's going to rush for 1,000 yards, and he's more than right (if he stays healthy). The power-run ability of this group is why. The unit is exciting going downhill, and may do more than just buoy ASU's offensive production; if everything comes together, the Sun Devils rushing attack can be special.

Which quarterback has been the most accurate?

"I think all three have (displayed good accuracy). To be honest with you, I think we can win with all three of them. I wouldn't say one is further than the other, and we're still rotating all three of them they've all done a nice job."

Reaction: Lindsey is mum on the subject, and when you look at what other media members are saying, he's being honest. There's mixed opinions as to who's going to win the starting quarterback job, and from what I've seen, it's too early to put one ahead of the pack because they share similar traits.

Chris Thomsen

On the progression of the offensive line.

"It's been good. We've got some guys who've played that are in place. Evan (Goodman) has played a lot of games at left tackle, Sam (Jones) and Stephon (McCray) at guard have played quite a bit. Even with the new starters, they've still played quite a bit. Quinn's been in there some, and he's got a bit of experience. So they're new starters, but they know what a Pac-12 game feels like. The transition hasn't been as drastic as people would think."

Reaction: The transition isn't as drastic as it sounds. There are areas where improvement can be made, but as Lindsey aforementioned, continuity along the line should come down the road.

On describing the offensive line.

"They're physical. Some of those guys pride themselves on being physical and being able to run the ball, so I've been pleased with that so far this spring. I've been happy with the way they've approached everything."

Reaction: Yes.

On the center position.

"It's huge, man. It's a critical position because there's a lot of communication that runs through that guy. Tyler McClure's done a good job this spring. Stephon has pushed him there and played some with the first group. Cade (Cote) has really done well in terms of learning it -- he's never really done it. Then we'll add A.J. McCollum into that mix in fall camp, and then we'll have to evaluate it all in that month of training camp and then see who's going to start the season. But it's a critical position."

Reaction: I spoke with Lindsey about the center position and it's role in the ASU offense, and he echoed Thomsen in saying through it, the offense is initiated. Early on in spring ball, Graham lauded the play of McClure, but (as Thomsen said) McCray provides an intriguing prospect there, too. It's one of the more underrated storylines to watch, but who slots in at center will be integral to the success of the offense.