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ASU Athletics: USA Today releases school's 2014-15 finance numbers

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USA Today released its annual finance report for 2014-15 for 231 Division I athletic programs Sunday, including for the Arizona State Sun Devils.

According to USA Today, the Arizona State Sun Devils recorded $84,440,040 in revenue, $83,873,516 in expenses and $19,379,132 (22.95 percent of revenue) in subsidies.

Some notes from the report:

- Total revenue for Arizona State was up 11.5 percent from 2013-14 ($74,729,269).

- ASU's biggest source of revenue came from rights and licensing fees ($38,018,921), which saw a 7.3 percent increase from last year ($35,205,878).

- Arizona State made an operating income (total revenues minus total expenses) of $566,464 for 2014-15. However, ASU had the highest subsidy of any power-five school in total dollar amount and percentage. According to a March report from the Arizona Republic, Arizona State saw a two-percent drop in subsidy for fiscal year 2015. The Arizona Republic reported subsidies, which are approved by the Arizona Board of Regents, usually cover administrative salaries, tuition waivers and utilities.

- ASU made the 35th-highest revenue of all Division I programs and sixth-most in the Pac-12 for 2014-15, behind Oregon ($105,701,523), Washington ($103,540,117), UCLA ($96,912,767), Arizona ($87,135,331) and California ($85,539,904). Arizona State was one of five programs to report a positive operating income.

- Arizona State reported a total of $9,957,302 in student fees in the University's first year of collecting athletic fees. The University charges each student $150.

- Ticket sales revenue for 2015 ($11,042,051) was down 14 percent from 2014 ($12,885,134).

- ASU saw a big jump in facilities/overhead expenses at $8,880,362, up 35 percent from 2014 ($5,742,128). This is likely stemming from ASU's use of new facilities such as Phoenix Municipal Stadium and Sun Devil Stadium.

- Private institutions like Stanford and USC were not included in the report.