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#SunDevilMoments Series Seed No. 4: ASU wins Heros of the Dorm Championship

ASU's only national championship of the 2015-2016 year comes in at No. 4 in our #SunDevilMoments series.

Screenshot from ESPN

In the coming days, House of Sparky will begin our "#SunDevilMoments" tournament, featuring the 16 best moments from the athletic season. This week we will introduce all 16 seeds, then reveal our match-ups where you, the reader, will vote on what was the ASU athletics Moment of the Year.

There was only one team at Arizona State that won a National Championship during the 2015-2016 academic year. Only one team reached the pinnacle of its sport. That team did not wear any helmets.

They did not bounce any balls or use any bats. Instead, they wore headsets and controlled characters in a video game. And for two nights in April, the captivated social media and the entire university.

On April 10, 2015, the Arizona State eSports team won the 2016 Heros of the Dorm National Championship. The Sun Devils took down UT Arlington 3-0 in the nationally-televised best of five series. This comes a year after ASU fell to California in the 2015 Heros of the Dorm finals.

Arizona State won the title playing Heroes of the Storm, a five-on-five Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game ("MOBA for short) in a 64-team bracket consisting of American and Canadian universities.

It had also beaten Robert Morris, Laval, Pennsylvania, Eastern Carolina and UConn in the tournament en route to the title.

All six players — Michael Udall ("MichaelUdall"), Stefan Anderson ("akaface"), Parpham Emami ("Pham"), Austin Lonsert (Shot), Isaiah Rubin ("Snickers") and Vann Childs ("Vannity") won $25,000 per year in tuition for three years as a result of winning the tournament.

The event took place in front of a sold out crowd at the CentryLink Event Center in Seattle, Washington, and was televised nationally on ESPN2.