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ASU Football: New season betting line win totals announced, Sun Devils offered at 5 wins

The early projections are in, and ASU is not being taken too seriously by the South Point Casino

Arizona State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

South Point Casino in Las Vegas released betting lines for the 2016 college football season last Thursday, including over/under lines for all Division 1A teams. Arizona State's total for the 2016 season is 5, which means the sports book is predicting a losing season for the Sun Devils in Todd Graham's fifth season at the helm.

Please keep in mind that a winning bet would be a win total higher than the betting line, and a loss would be a win total below the line. Finally, if you bet on ASU at 5 wins and they won 5 games total, it would be a push and you'd simply get your money back.

Here are the over/under projections for all of the teams on ASU's schedule in 2016.

Northern Arizona: N/A

Texas Tech: 7

@ UTSA: 4

California: 4

@ USC: 7.5

UCLA: 8.5

@ Colorado: 4.5

Washington State: 7.5

@ Oregon: 8

Utah: 7.5

@ Washington: 9

@ Arizona: 6

Based on these projections, it appears that South Point expects the Sun Devils to beat Northern Arizona, UTSA, California, and Colorado, and potentially lose the rest of their games.

When gambling, it's very important not to make emotion-based bets. Hoping that the Sun Devils have an 8 win season is fine if you're a fan, but putting money behind that ambition is a risky path. Please keep in mind that all these lines are for informational purposes only and we are not advocating for gambling on sports.