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2016 Pac-12 Conference Media Day Live Blog

Follow along for live updates from 2016 Pac-12 Football Media Days in Hollywood.

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You can follow along right here for notes and updates on what's happening and being said with players and coaches around the conference at Pac-12 Media Days ahead of the 2016 football season. We'll be updating this page as we go along (Note: ASU head coach Todd Graham, defensive lineman Tashon Smallwood and wide receiver/return specialist Tim White are scheduled to speak on Friday, at 9:30 a.m.).

Here's how this year's Media Days are scheduled to go, with notes and key topics related to each subject:

Day One, July 14

7:30 a.m. -- Pac-12 Media Poll Release

ASU was picked to finish fifth in the South Division. UCLA (South) and Stanford (North) were picked to win their respective divisions.

9 a.m. -- Larry Scott (Pac-12 Commissioner)

Pac-12 won 10 NCAA titles last academic year; no other won more than five.

Sent a record 10 football teams to bowl games.

7,000 student athletes -- added student-athletes to the governing board in order to understand how they can succeed both on and off the court. Dedicating $3.9 million to further understand head injuries.

Pac-12 Networks (fifth year): 850 events produced each year; more distribution being announced through Frontier in SoCal (5,000 new users), and with Comcast and Cox will become a primary network.

Three new initiatives: Twitter (live streaming at least 150 events), Facebook Live (unique behind-the-scenes access), YouTube (all 12 school content feeds have been combined into one).

E-Sports: Pac-12 eSports taking on new emphasis.

Scott: "No other conference has as many good games as the Pac-12." Notes depth, and fact that teams have the toughest road to win league.

Scott says philosophy is for teams to play as tough a non-conference schedule as they can.

Nothing new on DirecTV ground; Scott says Pac-12 is pushing for DirecTV deal, but no budge. Instead, focus is on 75 other Pac-12 Networks distributors.

Comcast and Cox will carry the Pac-12 National Network channel, and won't be limited to regional events.

9:30 a.m. -- Arizona

Rich Rodriguez, HC

"Am I happy to be here? Nope. I'd rather have another week of vacation."

Says injuries were rough, but happy team managed to get to a bowl game, and win a bowl game.

"Blew up" defensive coaching regime. Says there's a new enthusiasm.

QB's: says Anu Solomon has a challenger in Brandon Dawkins; have split first-team reps.

Says scheme changes week-to-week because of the conference it's as talented as it has ever been.

Personality and attitude more important than schemes, defensively. Says he allows coaches to teach, knows what he wants to do.

Is excited about linebacker Michael Barton (Cal transfer).

Sani Fuiamono, LB

Compared native Hawaii culture to program's; said you're not known unless you win state titles back home.

Nate Phillips, WR

Says that discipline is something that is of utmost importance to Rodriguez.

Everything coming together.

10 a.m. -- California

Sonny Dykes, HC

Excited about the start of the new year. Proud of the players from last year.

Calls bowl win significant.

Says this season's group is his favorite team: unselfish, focused.

Quality of coaches and players makes the Pac-12 an exceptional conference.

"We have a lot of momentum as a program."

Says Cal is a young team; there'll be freshmen who will most likely contribute this season.

Big challenges: replicating last year's success and replacing Jared Goff.

Wants defense to take the next step; has seen improvement every year.

Is proud of the culture and the work ethic and the little things his players do.

Devante Wilson, DL

Has matchup with Oregon circled on calendar this year; he says Ducks OL was talking trash. Also felt team had chance in first quarter before Ducks pulled away.

Calls Jared Goff the most pro-ready QB he's ever come across.

Steven Moore, OL

Has had positive interactions with QB transfer Davis Webb.

Moore says he'll be content and supportive of whoever the coaches name as the starting quarterback.

Noted that the OL has about 90 starts between the projected starters, which should give confidence to the new signal-caller.

10:30 a.m. -- USC

Clay Helton, HC

Calls himself "blessed" for being the position he's in.

Says despite having new OC, USC implementing similar schemes to past, which is aiding in development.

"The bar is set high. It's about championships."

Learned following the Pac-12 title game loss to Stanford that it's only about championships.

Says "what an unbelievable opportunity we have as Trojans this season" regarding Alabama, Notre Dame matchups.

Says that this team has a chip on its shoulder.

On-going QB battle: following spring, Max Browne would've been starter.

Adoree' Jackson, DB/WR/RET

Says he will primarily serve as a DB this season; WR group is "stacked."

Working to be complete at everything, with no holes in his game.

Says that the transition from training for the Olympics to returning to the football field has been seamless; "been doing this for I don't know how long."

Zach Banner, OT

Wants USC to be able to be focused going into the 2016-17 season; says there's been something that's surrounded team through offseason which distracted itself from focusing on playing.

"Can't stress enough" that working out in the offseason is the most important and telling time of the year and reveals how well the team will do.

Said he chose USC because of the people around him; points out how successful group around him has been.

Says continuity is the most important thing for an offensive line; jokingly pointed out media said last year team had none last season amidst injuries to starters, but says group held its own and picked each other up.

Has been studying tape on Alabama; EDGE Tim Williams (No. 56) one of the numbers he said stood out on tape.

11 a.m. -- Oregon

Mark Helfrich, HC

Quarterback position is up for grabs.

Happy about depth at WR and RB.

"Yes, there will be new uniform changes."

Johnny Ragin III, LB

Says team has young defensive linemen who are capable of making plays that can step up in place of DeForest Buckner.

In old 4-4 defense, it was a 2-gap set, which didn't generate too much pressure; in new defensive system, there will be a emphasis with solo gap responsibilities in an effort to be more explosive.

Royce Freeman, RB

Is confident in any of the competitors who end up starting at QB.

If he had two lives, would play running back in the first, then come back and play linebacker in the second.

11:30 -- Washington State

Mike Leach, HC

Says being on the same page being committed to improvement defensively is important goal going into the new season.

Regarding his feelings about Luke Falk being his starting QB and the stability it gives him entering the new campaign: "I don't know. I mean, I think the biggest thing is how that affects our team, and the example it gives others to draw from."

Parker Henry, LB/S

Doesn't want defensive unit to be remembered as the part of the team holding it back from taking the next step.

Says team has high expectations; calls team a special group of guys.

Gabe Marks, WR

Calls QB Luke Falk the CEO of the offense; says he sees himself as the manager.

Joked he wants Falk to get him the ball so he can score touchdowns.

Credits Falk with the turnaround last season; says players rallied around him, view him as the leader and someone who is a versatile competitor -- can joke with players like Marks and still maintain a level of leadership.

Says the offense is consistent, and that's the key to the group's success.

12 p.m. -- Utah

Kyle Whittingham, HC

QB situation needs to be settled; didn't see much separation during the spring.

LB corp is getting revamped.

Replaced Aussie rugby-style punter from last season with another Aussie, rugby-style punter.

Justin Thomas, DB

Credits the defensive line for the success that the defensive backs were able to enjoy last season.

Sense is that the team is a great group and can compete with anyone.

J.J. Dielman, OL

Since he's been with Whittingham, mentality has never been to go .500 or 8-8; it's been to win.

Says that the team expects to compete at a high level once again in 2016 regardless of who's playing QB.

Thinks that program's rise isn't something he didn't see coming.

Day Two, July 15

9 a.m. -- David Coleman (VP, Pac-12 Officiating)

Topics of focus: consistency (through weekly game on elite review and post game eval process), accountability (through weekly crew/individual feedback), communications, transparency (weekly Official Business on and periodic media videos), and leadership in officiating.

76% of staff (on field, instant replay) earned post season game assignments (including National Championship Game).

Instant replay will make targeting fouls reviewable without a call of targeting being initially made on the field.

New rules have been added to prevent players from blocking below the waist if they're lined up outside of the tackle box.

Sliding players can't be touched as a defenseless player, i.e. while giving themselves up; not just when they reach the ground.

Contact below knees with quarterback is no longer ruled roughing passer unless contact is initiated with helmet or shoulders.

Offensive pass interference must have material effect on play in order to be called.

Jerseys long enough to be tucked in must be tucked in, or otherwise meet waistline.

Tripping ball carrier no longer possible.

RPO (run-pass option plays): observing how far interior linemen travel downfield was monitored well last season. Will still be allowed to go further than one yard downfield.

9:30 a.m. -- ASU

Todd Graham, HC

"I'm really proud of my football team, and the work that they've done."

Renovations to Sun Devil Stadium have been "pretty special."

Winning on and off the field is of utmost importance; happy with foundation he's helped lay since arriving.

Being smart and disciplined produces confidence.

QB situation reminds him of situation his first year; says QB who takes care of the ball and manages offense will most likely be the starter.

Key is getting back to playing Sun Devil football and not turning the ball over, too.

Friday before first game is when QB will be named.

Has championship aspirations and isn't shying away from it; asks "why not?" aspire for the top.

Philosophy is that players see him speak, so he uses platforms like Media Day to represent his full thoughts.

Says DL JoJo Wicker is expected to have a big year.

Confident in tight end position and its depth.

Excited about youth on team despite inexperience.

There's a lot of new coordinators, which brings an unknown to how things will work.

Have been able to stick to foundational values team laid when he arrived.

Offensive terminology hasn't changed with arrival of OC Chip Lindsey.

Tashon Smallwood, DL

Says young DL players will provide depth and contribute this year.

Lives with four of this year's starting OL; says growth and development is noticeable.

Credits Graham for embedding disciplined mentality amongst teammates.

Wants defensive line to be as great a pass rushing unit as it is stout against the run.

Seumalo has instilled a focused aura among DL unit.

Takes on and embraces leadership role.

Says people are starting to recognize who ASU is, and team brand is benefitting.

Tim White, WR

Says that transitioning from track back to football has been a great experience; notes the work ethic of those working towards the Olympics is impressive.

Focusing solely on football right now; would like to one day play in the NFL and compete in the Olympics.

On expectations: "It is what it is. We're just gonna go out there and play football."

Says that the receiver group is a strength and is versatile.

Wants to burn "everybody."

Would like to play on both sides of the ball; will serve as a returner this year.

On QB's: no one's really separated themselves yet, but WRs feel comfortable for all three; White: great passer, smart player who loves the game; Wilkins: loves to compete and a smart player; Perkins: one of the most talented guys on the team, very fast.

High expectations for ASU still; go out and blow the doors off of everybody.

10 a.m. -- Oregon State

Gary Andersen, HC

"A lot of work to do as coaches, a lot of work to do as players."

Says there's support from "the top all the way through" the program.

Likes direction of team following spring ball.

"It's hard everywhere."; says he wakes up with a smile on his face and embraces role.

Nick Porebski, P

Played junior college in Utah prior to joining OSU

Trained at same program as Tom Hackett (former Utah kicker)

Victor Bolden, WR

Says he enjoys playing alongside WR Jordan Villamin.

Looks forward to facing Oregon again this season.

Calls on both sides of the ball to step up in order to improve.

10:30 a.m. -- UCLA

Jim Mora, HC

Coming off season that was disappointing in "(team's) estimation." Surprised media picked team to win South Division.

Loves team chemistry that's being built; wants to carry momentum into new season.

"There are no easy games" ... says team needs to build consistency.

Says QB Josh Rosen is on track to be a very good quarterback.

On QB's social media presence: "The hot tub, I found amusing."

Likes having DB/RET Ishmael Adams appear on offense, too.

11 a.m. -- Washington

Chris Petersen, HC

Wants team to take next step.

Preseason hype: "You guys are dead wrong." -- Washington was picked to finish second by media in North Division.

Biggest difference this year is that team is unified, and presence around program simply feels different.

Says it's taken time for team to reach point where it is now.

Think everybody on team -- aside from QB Jake Browning, RB Myles Gaskin -- deserves credit for improvement.

Darren Daniels, TE

Says that Browning has done a good job under center.

Tabs the OL as the most improved unit on the team.

Kevin King, DB

Credits Petersen as being a whole head coach; during practices will interact with all of the units instead of focusing on one group.

Says that Petersen has established a strong culture within the program.

11:30 a.m. -- Stanford

David Shaw, HC

Says that schematically steals from other teams a lot; claims "no one has stolen more from Oregon" than he has.

Tabs Jon Gruden, Andy Reid and Chip Kelly as influences on his play calling.

Credits virtual reality reps for former QB Kevin Hogan and backups as a great benefit.

Aspires to be in Colts QB Andrew Luck's book club.

Says WR Trent Irwin is the best route-running WR he's ever fielded.

Christian McCaffrey, RB

Is confident that whoever is named starter will be able to replace Hogan, and likewise for replacements on OL.

Isn't worried about accolades and records; just wants to play football.

Solomon Thomas, DE

Team is excited to face gauntlet of opponents that schedule poses, including Oregon, Notre Dame.

Says team always has a chip on its shoulder because it's not always considered a football school.

Intensity and maintaining mental discipline is important to team success.

Calls McCaffrey someone who lives for the game and says he moves well; "he's working too hard to not be better."

12 p.m. -- Colorado

Mike MacIntyre, HC

Says team has done it the old-fashioned way; looks forward to team improving once again.

Wants offense to be able to finish drives and score more touchdowns this year.

Likes fact team is self-starting; culture is built in.