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VIDEO: Kalen Ballage settles it - he's the fastest on the team

Zac Pacleb talks to junior running back Kalen Ballage about his relationship with Chip Lindsey, how he is embracing a leadership role on offense and who is really the fastest player on the team.

Kalen Ballage's speed often gets overlooked because of his impressive physical stature. The bruising running back for Arizona State stands 6-foot-3 and weighs around 230 pounds.

Needless to say it caught some off guard when reports serviced that Ballage beat both Tim White and DeChavon "Gump" Hayes in a foot race.

Those who watched Ballage closely on the field in 2015 however, weren't surprised. The junior averaged 5.2 yards per rush in 2015 with four touchdown runs and a total of 653 yards.

Zac Pacleb caught up Ballage at ASU football media day over the past weekend and discusses Ballage's expectations for 2016 and more.

Note: The body of this story was written by Ryan Bafaloukos.