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ASU Football: Wednesday’s practice notebook

Arizona State is now just 10 days from kickoff against Northern Arizona.

The Sun Devils continued preparations for their season-opening matchup against Northern Arizona on Wednesday with another practice session inside the Verde Dickey Dome.

The team began outside on Kajikawa Practice Fields, with media allowed to view three periods, including tackle circuit, takeaway, and special teams drills.

“Muscle Beach”

Defensive back James Johnson, defensive lineman George Lea, kickers Zane Gonzalez and John O’Brien, long snapper Mitchell Frabroni, and tight end Grant Martinez were all working out on the side throughout the session.

Offensive Lineups

During the takeaway session, three offensive units worked through a series of plays working against no defense starting at midfield. Here’s what each group looked like.

Team 1

Manny Wilkins (QB); Demario Richard (RB); N’Keal Harry (wide), Cameron Smith (wide), Tim White (slot), Kalen Ballage (slot); Evan Goodman (LT), Sam Jones (LG), Stephon McCray (C), Quinn Bailey (RG), Zach Robertson (RT)

Notes: Ballage received a jet sweep out of the slot; Richard caught a pass running an angle route; possession was capped off with a touchdown pass to Smith.

Richard, Ballage, and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey have each hinted at the usage of both running backs being on the field at the same time. Wednesday provided media with an early glimpse of what that offense may feature.

Team 2

Brady White (QB); Nick Ralston (RB); Ellis Jefferson (wide), Jalen Harvey (wide), Fred Gammage (slot); Raymond Epps (TE); A.J. McCollum (C), Steven Miller (RG)

Notes: The left tackle, left guard, and right tackle were unidentified players sporting golden practice squad jerseys.

Team 3

Chaz Collins (wide), Terrell Chatman (wide); Tommy Hudson (TE); Tyler McClure (C)

Notes: The rest of the offense was unidentified players sporting golden practice squad jerseys.

Special Teams

The punting unit worked on directional punting, with Matt Haack taking the first of the reps, and Michael Sleep-Dalton also getting work in.