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ASU Football: Are the Sun Devils a second-half team?

Yeah... they kind of are (for now, at least).

Despite the Arizona State Sun Devils starting 4-0, their wins haven’t been the easiest.

During each of the past two games, they have trailed their opponent at half time and between all of their match-ups they have scored 69 total points in the first half, compared to 126 total points in the second half.

ASU head football coach Todd Graham has said before there’s no such thing as halftime adjustments for winning football teams, while redshirt sophomore quarterback Manny Wilkins says it’s all about fixing whatever went wrong in the first half. When asked about what they should do to improve their first half against USC, one said it was about how they start, the other said about how they finish.

Above, we take a look at whether or not the Sun Devils really are a second-half team.