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Pac-12 Football Power Rankings: September 5

With the first week of the college football season in the books, where does each team stand entering the second week of play?

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 appears poised to provide the same type of chaotic and frantic campaign we've come to expect year-in and year-out from the conference as a whole.

With seven of the 12 teams picking up wins in their first action of the season, some teams managed to leave a memorable impression while others struggled.

Below, co-managing editor Connor Pelton and staff writer Kaelen Jones deliver their first batch of conference power rankings for the audience to dissect and critique as early season optimism or fear transitions into reality.

Pac-12 North
Rank Pelton Jones
1. Washington Washington
2. Stanford Stanford
3. Oregon California
4. California Oregon
5. Oregon State Oregon State
6. Washington State Washington State

Closer Look

Stanford's closer-than-we'd-have-liked encounter against Kansas State earns Washington a clear path to the top spot in this week's North rankings after dominating Rutgers. The only spot in the division where either writer feels differently regards California and Oregon, who each enter the week with wins. Meanwhile, Washington State serves as the surprise here, dropping their opener against an FCS opponent (this time Eastern Washington) for the second straight year.

Pac-12 South
Rank Pelton Jones
1. Utah UCLA
2. UCLA Colorado
3. Colorado Utah
4. Arizona State Arizona State
6. Arizona Arizona

Closer Look

Utah shut out Southern Utah in its opener, UCLA fell in overtime on the road against Texas A&M, and Colorado dismantled rival Colorado State 44-7. Through a week, the top three is set, with ASU, USC and Arizona in the bottom half.