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College Football: The Way-Too-Early 2017 Preseason Top 25

The Sun Devils are not included.

CFP National Championship Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The College Football Playoff title game may have just ended, but don’t fear, the 2017 season is just a mere 228 days away.

Okay, so maybe we are a ways off. But that won’t stop the two managing editors of this site from making some meaningless, entirely-too-early predictions for the upcoming year.

The start of our rankings shouldn’t surprise anyone as the Alabama Crimson Tide top both of our ballots. They may have fell to Clemson on Monday night, but the Crimson Tide still return nearly everyone and are still the premier program in the sport.

Kaelen and I both have the USC Trojans as the highest-ranked Pac-12 team, with Clay Helton’s team bunch coming in at No. 4 on my ballot and No. 5 on Kaelen’s. Hop on the Sam Darnold train now, folks.

While USC is a consensus top-five team, the next-highest Pac-12 program is up for debate.

Mr. Jones sides with the Stanford Cardinal - slotted at 15th - while I am sticking on the Washington Huskies hype train. I’ve got Washington ranked ninth, while Kaelen has the Huskies at No. 18.

You can check out both of our full rankings here:

House of Sparky's Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25

Pelton Jones
Pelton Jones
1. Alabama 1. Alabama
2. Florida State 2. Ohio State
3. Ohio State 3. Florida State
4. USC 4. Clemson
5. Oklahoma 5. USC
6. Clemson 6. Penn State
7. Penn State 7. Michigan
8. Michigan 8. Oklahoma
9. Washington 9. LSU
10. LSU 10. Georgia
11. Wisconsin 11. Wisconsin
12. Oklahoma State 12. Oklahoma State
13. Georgia 13. Florida
14. Louisville 14. Louisville
15. Auburn 15. Stanford
16. Stanford 16. Virginia Tech
17. Florida 17. Auburn
18. Virginia Tech 18. Washington
19. West Virginia 19. Tennessee
20. Colorado 20. Texas
21. Tennessee 21. Kansas State
22. Texas 22. West Virginia
23. South Florida 23. Miami (Florida)
24. Utah 24. South Florida
25. Kansas State 25. Boise State