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ASU Women’s Basketball: Sun Devils demolish Bulldogs in Fresno, 81-42

Arizona State v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

They came. They saw. They conquered... Again.

Arizona State defeated Fresno State 81-42, dominating the whole way through during its first road matchup of the season.

The flow of the game for ASU was on cruise control throughout all four quarters. Aspects of their game that really stood out was their defense, mid-range offense and the ability to draw fouls.

Fresno State was being patrolled and controlled by the Sun Devil defense. The team held the Fresno State bulldogs to 29-percent shooting by the end of regulation.

Anything and everything on defense was working to full effect. The Devils limited the Bulldogs to score from the three point line and close to the basket. ASU’s size played a major key in their victory to overwhelm the Bulldogs offense consistency.

As they always say: defense turns into offense. Arizona State notched 41 total rebounds. From there, the Sun Devils transitioned scoring from mid-range and the post for most of the game (32 points inside the paint).

As both teams came back from halftime, ASU did not let up as they scored another 28 points throughout the third quarter.

Fresno State on the defensive end attempted to contain the Sun Devils with a full court press. However, ASU also had an advantage in speed. Arizona State avoided any traps and obstacles. ASU was able to find open shooters every time down the court.

Looking back at this game, Arizona State only shot 20 percent from the three-point line. However, the Sun Devils only shot a total of five times from beyond the ark.

Arizona State was able to convert on fouls drawn throughout the matchup. The 32-point victory consisted of ASU shooting 16-20 from the freethrow line. The team also managed to scored 56-percent for the course of the game.

Players like Courtney Ekmark and Charnea Johnson-Chapman led the way toward the ASU victory. Ekmark scored 14 points on 6-of-7 attempts. Johnson-Chapman scored 16 points on 7-of-9 attempts.

ASU’s second unit also contributed with their share of points with 29 off the bench.

In addition, the ball movement was a sight to see as well. On the night, the Sun Devils recorded 14 assists. ASU had no problem finding the open post shot or a mid-range opportunity, Arizona State shifted the Bulldogs’ defense. They moved the ball in every direction opening up chances to drive the ball and shoot the open shot.

ASU led the the charge with determination and utter focus through duration of the game.

The Sun Devils will now head back to Tempe, Arizona and prepare to face Sacramento State on Saturday at 2 p.m. MT.