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Pac-12 Football: Week 12 power rankings

It’s rivalry week, folks

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona State Sun Devils along with six other Pac-12 teams are bowl eligible, but where do they rank in our weekly power rankings?

Take a look below:

Pac-12 week 12 power rankings

Destin Madden Tonis
Destin Madden Tonis
1) USC USC Washington State
2) Washington State (+2) Stanford USC
3) Stanford (-1) Washington (+1) Stanford
4) Washington (-1) Washington State (-1) Washington (+1)
5) Arizona Oregon (+7) Oregon (+4)
6) Arizona State Arizona (-1) Arizona (-2)
7) Oregon (+4) UCLA (-2) California (-1)
8) Utah Arizona State (-2) Arizona State
9) California California (+1) Utah (+1)
10) UCLA (-3) Utah (-2) Colorado (+1)
11) Colorado (-2) Colorado (-2) UCLA (-4)
12) Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State

A Closer Look

Destin: All Washington State needs to do is beat Washington to make it into the Pac-12 championship game against USC, so it’s fitting that they’re No. 2 in my rankings. The Ducks got a major boost because they have Justin Herbert back and held Khalil Tate to under 50 yards rushing. UCLA took a plunge because not only did the Bruins lose to USC, but they lost their head coach. Keep in mind if ASU beats Arizona, the Sun Devils and Wildcats will have identical records, shooting ASU into second in the Pac-12 South.

Madden: There were obviously a ton of extremely close games this weekend, but the better team seemed to survive with the victory every time. Oregon stomped Arizona marking the return of one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the conference, ASU handled Oregon State, Stanford escaped with a win against Cal, USC topped UCLA and Washington took down Utah with — somehow — a field goal. The Ducks skyrocket up my rankings and there are just a few slight shifts in the middle.

Tonis: Not much changed at the top, but the rest of the league gets jumbled up with a week to go. The UCLA Bruins didn't play like the second worst team in the conference, but firing your head coach means you have to move down. The Oregon Ducks returned to form with sophomore quarterback Justin Herbert back in the lineup and they laid the smackdown on the Arizona Wildcats, giving ASU some hope entering the Territorial Cup. Speaking of the Sun Devils, they were impressive for three quarters against Oregon State, but the fourth was very disappointing, meaning we can't really move them, especially considering competition.