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ASU Football Practice Report: Arizona State completes second bowl practice

It’s hot again

NCAA Football: Arizona at Arizona State The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Arizona State Sun Devils continued postseason practice Saturday afternoon at the Kajikawa Practice Fields in Tempe.


  • The Sun Devils’ special teams unit rotated four different punt returners in Ryan Newsome, N’Keal Harry, Jacom Brimhall and Kyle Williams. Williams is the newcomer to this group, as every other player on that list has returned at least one punt this year. We’ll see if he gets a shot in the bowl game
  • A few players swapped jerseys Saturday afternoon. Looked like A.J. McCollum and N’Keal Harry had some No. 5 (Wilkins) jerseys on and Wilkins was wearing a No. 1 (Harry) jersey. Blake Barnett had on No. 73. I wasn’t at availability so I’m not sure why.
  • Darien Cornay had a couple really good reps in 1-on-1’s, including one on Harry. Maybe we’ll see some time for the JUCO in the bowl game.


Brady White

First-Team Offense

QB: Manny Wilkins

RB: Demario Richard/Kalen Ballage

WR: Jalen Harvey, Kyle Williams, N’Keal Harry

OL: Cohl Cabral (LT), Sam Jones (LG), A.J. McCollum (C), Steven Miller (RG), Quinn Bailey (RT)

Second-Team Offense

QB: Blake Barnett

RB: Eno Benjamin/Nick Ralston

WR: John Humphrey, Curtis Hodges, Ryan Newsome/Frank Darby

TE: Tommy Hudson

OL: Tyson Rising (LT), Cade Cote (LG), Marshall Nathe (C), Mason Walter (RG), *Couldn’t identify one player

First-Team Defense

DL: JoJo Wicker, Tashon Smallwood, Renell Wren

LB: Jay Jay Wilson, Khaylan Thomas, *Couldn’t identify one player

SPUR: J’Marcus Rhodes

CB: Kobe Williams, Chase Lucas

Safety: Chad Adams, DeMonte King

Second-Team Defense

DL: Shannon Forman, Jalen Bates, Jordan Hoyt

LB: Alani Latu, Deion Guignard, Kyle Soelle

SPUR: Tyler Whiley

CB: Darien Cornay, Alex Perry

Safety: Dasmond Tautalatasi, Langston Frederick