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ASU Football ‘12 Plays of Christmas’: Manny Wilkins hurdling touchdown against UCLA

Hop, skip and hurdle

Nicole Hernandez/House of Sparky

Arizona State’s second touchdown against UCLA was an unconventional play, but one that Sun Devil fans had seen frequently.

Quarterback Manny Wilkins broke away and hurdled over a diving UCLA’s Mossi Johnson on a 16-yard run to give the Sun Devils the 21-14 lead.

Simply looking at the play is exciting, but to understand how Wilkins leapt in for the score is to look at how the hurdle worked. Seeing no options, Wilkins found a hole right up the middle. He dashed forward for about 12 yards. Eyeing Johnson, Wilkins knew he was going to go for a low-leg tackle.

Wilkins then planted his right leg firmly on the Rose Bowl’s turf, swung the other across Johnson’s back, then took an in-air hit and fell into the end zone.

Sun Devil fans have seen hurdles from Wilkins before, but his leap against UCLA was the only time it counted for a touchdown.

There’s no question that it’s tough to do but Wilkins defied expectations — and gravity — as ASU’s quarterback in 2017.