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ASU WBB: Sun Devils rout Colorado 72-47 on the road

Arizona State continues a successful start to the season

The Arizona State Sun Devils were able to get a win on the road against the Colorado Buffaloes in a Pac-12 matchup Friday night. A short-handed ASU squad was able to keep up with a competitive Buffs team until the buzzer sounded in a 72-47 victory.

Arizona State now sits at a 10-3 record for the season so far. With a team of only 10 players compared to some teams who have a 15-player rotation, the Sun Devils have been able to put up big numbers in many categories playing team basketball at a very high level.

Arizona State limited Colorado to 14 points before halftime, allowing the Buffs to score seven points in both the first and second quarter. However, ASU was red hot, putting up 37 points before the break.

The Sun Devils’ aggressiveness on the offensive end turned into opportunity as they converted on 14-18 shots from the free throw line.

Sophia Elenga and Jamie Ruden also showed an aggressive aspect to their game as they led the Sun Devils with their consistent offense and rebounding efforts.

The Colorado Buffs didn’t go down easy as they did pose a challenge for this ASU team. Forcing 15 turnovers for Arizona State and allowing them to shoot an average 42 percent from the field, the Buffs were not an easy task for the Sun Devils.

Colorado also grabbed a total 35 rebounds compared to ASU’s 45. This is important to keep in mind because the Buffs were finding ways to rebound when many of ASU’s opponents fell short way before the first half.

However, it was the Sun Devils who came on top. ASU held Colorado to 33 percent shooting throughout the game. ASU’s defense played conservative as they were also playing careful watching out for fouls. The Buffs were only sent to the free throw line six times, converting just three attempts.

Arizona State also scored plus 30 points in the paint and off the bench while contributing another 23 points off of the Buffs 19 turnovers.

In their next game, the Sun Devils will go up against another Pac-12 competitor, the Utah Utes. Both the Utes and Arizona State will look to finish the 2017 year with a win as they face off New Years Eve.