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ASU Basketball: No. 16 Sun Devils a 5 seed in latest Bracketology

Mr. Joe Lunardi protects.

NCAA Basketball: San Francisco at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 16 Arizona State Sun Devils (7-0) moved up three spots from eight to five in Joe Lunardi’s latest Bracketology Thursday morning.

Despite breaking their six game streak of 90 or more points, the Sun Devils’ 75-57 victory over the San Francisco Dons propelled them to a fifth seed.

Arizona State would play 12th seeded Virginia Tech in San Diego. While it’s a Midwest bracket contest, it’d place the Sun Devils in the closest first round venue to Tempe.

The Arizona Wildcats bumped up from a sixth to a fifth seed, the USC Trojans fell from fourth to seventh, the UCLA Bruins went from eighth to 10th, while Oregon fell from 11th to Next Four Out. Utah, who sat in Next Four Out on Nov. 30, lays aside Oregon in the same category this week.

The Sun Devils didn’t do much to move up other than stay undefeated. After waiting eight days between beating the Xavier Musketeers to play USF, then waiting six more to play the St. John’s Red Storm, the Sun Devils are one of just nine undefeated teams in the nation.

This weekend; however, can either boost or destroy their resume. After playing 8-1 St. John’s Friday, the Sun Devils matchup against the No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks at the Allen Fieldhouse on Sunday.