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Pizza for Pat: Come eat and support the Tillman Foundation

Come eat with House of Sparky at My Pie off 777 S. College Ave in Tempe, on April 2 from 2-7 PM, as we raise money for the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Sacramento State v Arizona State

House of Sparky is happy to announce it will be holding a “Pizza for Pat” fundraiser on Sunday, April 2, at My Pie Pizza, located at 777 S. College Ave. in Tempe, Ariz.

The eatery will allot 20 percent of earnings it receives from 2-7 p.m. upon mention of House of Sparky to our site, which has partnered with the Pat Tillman Foundation, agreeing to commit 100 percent of its earnings to the organization.

At least 30 people are needed to RSVP in order for the event to be put on. You can do so at the link provided below:

RSVP here:

Members of our staff will be on hand throughout the entire event, so come on out and come chat about the latest in ASU athletics, Tillman’s legacy, life and more. Or, at the very least, come by for the pizza!

If you can’t make it, but are still interested in supporting the Pat Tillman Foundation, you can participate in Pat’s Run on April 22 by registering here, or make a donation here.


WHERE: My Pie Pizza (777 S. College Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281)
FOR: Pat Tillman Foundation
HOW: When you purchase your meal, mention House of Sparky and follow the restaurant's instructions to receive 20% of your meal's price donated back to the Pat Tillman Foundation. You can also print out and bring the flyer linked here.


We hope to see you there!

A note from our editors:

As some of our regular readers know, I am not originally from Arizona. I grew up in Chino Hills, Calif., about 30 minutes away from Los Angeles. That being said, I wasn’t too familiar with Arizona State growing up, outside of its athletics.

In the two-plus years I’ve gone to school here, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with our segment of the Sun Devil fan base in a unique way as a writer for this site. I’ve also had the chance to feel a part of and embraced by those within the community in-person, too. (S/O JediASU, and other folks who’ve shown me hospitality.)

In my time here, I’ve come to learn how important and how prominent some sports figures are in these parts. Among the most appreciated: Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Nash, Randy Johnson and Luis Gonzalez, Jake Plummer, and of course, Pat Tillman, who’s probably the most revered.

Truthfully, I didn’t even begin to have a grasp of Tillman’s legacy until I came to Arizona. Sure, I thought I did, but you don’t really understand Pat Tillman’s impact until you step foot out here. This is especially true when you step through the football facilities at ASU, which is set to increase his presence and, simultaneously, his legacy.

To honor the principles he stood for, and the community that remains reverent of these values, we felt it would be cool to give back and donate to the Tillman Foundation. The folks at My Pie in Tempe (located on 777 S. College Ave.) have been kind of enough to let House of Sparky receive 20 percent of their earnings from 2-7 p.m. on Sunday, April 2.

Don’t worry, we’re not scamming you—a full 100 percent of the donations received will be directly sent to the Tillman Foundation.

Come on out and support!

On behalf of the staff here at House of Sparky, thank you for reading, and thank you for your constant support of our writers and ASU athletics.

- Kaelen Jones

Spend five minutes on Arizona State’s campus and it doesn’t take long to realize what a big impact Pat Tillman made, and continues to make, on the student body, faculty, and Tempe community.

While I may not be old enough to remember watching him run around the field at Sun Devil Stadium, Tillman’s legacy has deservedly lived on 13 years after his tragic death.

You see it in the fans on gameday wearing their “42” jerseys, and in each of the current Sun Devil players when they passionately run out of Tillman Tunnel onto Frank Kush Field.

He was the ultimate trailblazer and the definition of a role model, and it’s why his memory continues to grow more and more as time passes.

Doing tremendous work in his name, the Tillman Foundation invests in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships. We are proud to partner with them for this event and hope it can become an annual tradition that everyone in Sun Devil Nation partakes in eventually.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you all out at My Pie on April 2.

- Connor Pelton