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ASU Football: News from the second spring practice

Report from the Kajikawa Practice Fields.

Photo taken by Nick Ramirez

TEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona State Sun Devils participated in their second of 14 scheduled practices on Thursday morning at the Kajikawa Practice Fields. Media members were permitted to watch three periods of the session—down from the initial five Tuesday—including stretches, ball security, team tempo, and individual drills. Media was excused ahead of pod drills.

Attire: Helmets, Thigh Pads

Previous Practice: Tuesday, March 14; GallerySpring Practice Stream Link

Music: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Drowning Pool), March Madness (Future)

Podium Speakers (Video will accompany bottom of post later): Head coach Todd Graham, Quarterbacks — Note: Didn’t get video today.



Spring Green (non-contact jerseys)

  • Marcus Ball (S), participated in individual drills
  • Bryce Perkins (QB), participated in individual drills
  • Deion Guignard (S), participated in individual drills
  • Cade Cote (OL), participated in individual drills
  • Kareem Orr (CB), participated in individual and team drills


  • Armand Perry (S), OUT (surgery), will be out for entirety of spring practices, per Graham.
  • Brady White (QB), OUT (foot), will be out for entirety of spring practices (has taken part in individual drills), per Graham.
  • Jalen Bates (DL), Limited (surgery), per Graham.
  • Eno Benjamin (RB), Limited (surgery), per Graham.


Returned to Practice

  • Zach Robertson (OL) — Robertson was present at practice Thursday, but didn’t partake in any team or individual drills. The redshirt sophomore didn’t participate during the first practice due to disciplinary reasons, per Graham, and was running what could be characterized as some form of disciplinary jogs in the west end zone. Redshirt sophomore Steven Miller assumed his position in team drills.
  • Koron Crump (LB) — didn’t participate in team or individual drills, but was suited up to play. He was running alongside Robertson in the end zone.

Missing From Practice

  • Redshirt senior wideout Cameron Smith wasn’t present for the second practice.
  • Senior defensive J’Marcus Rhodes wasn’t identified for the second practice, too.

Long Gone?

  • Cornerback Robbie Robinson still has yet to report to spring practice. There has been worry the sophomore is transferring from the team, per a team source, however nothing has been confirmed by the program as of now. (Sluethiness: His picture is currently absent from the Sun Devils’ roster page, but... so are a majority of other listed underclassmen. Though, Robinson’s was included last season.)

Updating the QB Battle

During the first practice, QBs worked through passing drills with the wideouts, throwing them slant, out, dig, deep post, and fade patterns. The players worked on throwing the same routes again.

By my estimation, Wilkins had the best accuracy of the three participating throwers; Barnett’s passes have tended to miss behind targets, and velocity is a little low, misfiring on throws of all levels. That said, we haven’t seen the latter work through any plays, nonetheless work against a live defense.

We’ll see.

Kaelen’s Clubhouse Leader/If the season started today, I’d say: Manny Wilkins.

It’s early. On Tuesday, offensive coordinator Billy Napier was getting on a couple of receivers during ASU’s two-man pod drill to line up correctly. So, there’s work to be done regarding chemistry across the board. However, it should be noted that some of the receivers — namely John Humphrey and Ryan Jenkins — looked pretty solid running routes.

N’Keal Harry looks impressive, making several natural-looking hand catches. Another name that’s intriguing early on: Terrell Chatman. He’s only a redshirt sophomore, and is still impressive.

NFL Chances

Senior players will be unavailable for interviews following practice, as they are scheduled to meet after practice with the pro scouts who are assembled for Pro Day. According to Sun Devil Athletics, “scouts get a head start on next year’s senior information with them” while in the area to look that the mix of players entering this year’s draft.