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ASU Football: Receiver Terrell Chatman seeking chance this spring

“He has bunnies.”

ASU R-So. WR Terrell Chatman is looking to prove himself in this season.
Terrell Chatman via Twitter (@trellc66)

Terrell Chatman is here to seize his opportunity.

Though the Arizona State redshirt-sophomore receiver said he felt like he could have made an impact last season, he played marginal snaps while others earned consistent playing time. However, instead of holding contempt for the success of his teammates, he uses it as an inspiration for his own efforts.

“It’s nice to see those guys like N’Keal (Harry) come in. It’s extra motivation for me seeing a younger guy come in and just start doing his stuff like right off the bat,” says Chatman. “That’s motivation for me.”

Chatman’s drive to break into the starting squad has him currently seeing time as a rotational member of the Sun Devils’ early units. Entering the third year of his career, the Baton Rouge, La. native has been dealt a sizable amount of turnover, including this offseason with a new position coach and new teammates he’ll have to contend for playing time alongside.

But regardless of the surrounding changes, he maintains focus, working on what he can control and still contributing to the larger whole.

“Everything’s been good,” says Chatman, who is “just trying to learn the playbook with the new offense and everything, and do my part to earn the best chance to be on the field.”

A key to taking advantage of Chatman’s time on the field will be his ability to prove he can be serviceable to any of ASU’s potential options at quarterback. With five different players currently taking part in the team’s spring festivities, building a rapport with any one of them, amid divided reps, can appear challenging. Chatman says that hasn’t been the case, personally.

“My chemistry with all of the quarterbacks is about the same,” he said. “We all have a good chemistry, the whole team really.”

One signal-caller in particular is very fond of Chatman—sophomore Dillon Sterling-Cole.

The quarterback gushed over Chatman following Thursday’s practice, describing the 6-foot-3, 192-pound wideout’s “crazy” ability to make leaping grabs while mentioning a one-handed catch he made during the session.

“He has bunnies,” says Sterling-Cole.

When asked what he offers the Sun Devils’ offense, Chatman, who said he’s putting extensive time in the film room this season, said he provides a blend of size and speed.

Sterling-Cole expanded on his talents even further.

“He has the attributes of literally the type of receiver you want in the league right now,” said Sterling-Cole, before excitedly relaying a scouting report of his teammate.

“He’s just an all-around wide receiver—Quick feet, quick off the ball. Great hand skills, great ball skills, great high-pointing skills. Just basically the type of guy you want outside that you can throw a jump ball to whenever you need to.”

Perhaps that trust has been established through the manner Chatman carries himself when he isn’t battling defensive backs to reel in passes 10 feet in the air.

“Terrell Chatman is an overall great person,” says Sterling-Cole. “His personality off the field is even better than his personality on the field.”

Chatman doesn’t let Sterling-Cole or anyone else’s praise get to his head, but didn’t shy away from displaying gratitude for it.

“It’s great,” he says of the enthused support. “On my down days, there’s motivation from them. That always keeps me up.”

Chatman hopes internal support, in tandem with his own hard work, will be enough to keep him up and ascend him into becoming a mainstay in the ASU passing game in the near future and beyond.