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Compete in House of Sparky’s Tournament Bracket Challenge!

Let’s have some fun.

Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

It’s been a very exciting college basketball season, and with conference tournaments nearly in full swing, the Big Dance is right around the corner.

Think you know something about college basketball? Well, now you can prove it by competing in House of Sparky’s Tournament Bracket Pool! Here’s your chance to put your expertise on display and show why you’re the most savvy college basketball aficionado within the Arizona State fan community.

What happens if you win? The champion of our bracket challenge will be rewarded with:

  • Internet bragging rights for an entire year, i.e. the right to comment on every college basketball post reminding us how you know everything there is to know about college basketball and nobody else does.
  • Full-fledged social media acclamation on both Facebook and Twitter, announcing your omniscient knowledge of men’s college basketball for all of our followers to see.
  • A potential phone call from me asking which numbers to choose for the next Powerball.

Sign up today, and take advantage of the chance to own our writers and fellow community members in a friendly competition of wit and luck by signing up to join here.