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ASU in the Pros Series: Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez

Legatron to #TheLand.

Photo via Brad Denny (Twitter)

“The Cleveland Browns select, Zane Gonzalez. A kicker from Arizona State.”

As Browns fans Eric and Michael Chaney announced that quote over the airwaves, Gonzalez knew where his new home would be. That was in late April, a few weeks later, the calendar read May with Gonzalez and the Browns’ seven other picks at rookie camp.

The placekicker will start his rookie season wearing the same number as he did at Arizona State, five. A post from Gonzalez’s Instagram revealed him dawning the five jersey standing next to rookie defensive lineman Jamal Marcus.

It’s too early before the season to say that Gonzalez will have the starting role as he has competition amongst fellow kickers Corey Parkey and Brett Maher.

The NCAA’s all-time highest scoring kicker could bring new life to the Browns’ special teams if he receives the starting job. Last year, Cleveland had a team field goal percentage of 77.8, missing eight on the season. Gonzalez only missed two out of the 25 field goal attempts in his record-breaking senior season.

Only time will tell if “Legatron” can transform this Cleveland team.