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Top Moments: Ballage hurdles California defender in come-from-behind win

Let’s take you guys back to when the Sun Devils were on the brink of a 4-0 season.

California v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

This was one of the many video game like moments last football season.

In a game where the Sun Devils came from behind to beat the California Golden Bears in Tempe, ASU star running back Kalen Ballage took it upon himself to wow the crowd with his athletic ability.

Sun Devil players hurdling defenders seemed to become a somewhat regular occurrence in Sun Devil stadium. ASU Quarterback Manny Wilkins had hurdled two defenders prior to Ballage. This third leap was the charm for the running back whose fourth quarter gracious leap went viral.

Earlier in the game, Ballage went down with an apparent knee injury and had to be helped off the field.

But it was Ballage’s fourth quarter magic that gave the Sun Devils the spark they needed to come out with a come-from-behind victory over California.

The Sun Devils were tied at 34-34 when Ballage made the leap. The offensive possession ended in a field goal and the game ended in a 51-41 Arizona State win.

The Sun Devils then clinched a 4-0 record.

Six games later when the Sun Devils were 5-4, Ballage did it again — dazzling the eyes of fans at Sun Devil Stadium.