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Top Moments: Manny Wilkins’s first hurdle Vs. Northern Arizona

The first of of the many Manny hurdles can be found here.

Northern Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

While quarterback Manny Wilkins was no exception to the up and down struggles of the 2016 ASU football team, he did manage to produce some highlight worthy plays in his first season under center.

In Arizona State’s first game of the season, the redshirt sophomore leaped up about three plus feet over NAU senior safety Keith Graham to avoid his tackle and end up with a gain of 28 yards. The hurdle drew a chorus of cheers from the fans in Tempe, as ASU was up just 7-3 when the play happened — in a game which they should have dominated from the start.

The play lit a fire under the Sun Devils as they scored a field goal on that drive and began to turn things around.

After Wilkins’s dynamic, play ASU managed to coast to a 44-13 victory for their first win of the season as the Sun Devil quarterback put on one of his best performances of the year.

The hurdle was indicative of more athletic plays to come from Wilkins, as he continued to wow fans with his physical prowess until injuries derailed his promising season.

Despite falling short of the expectations that the hurdle play set forth, Wilkins can still hang his hat on making some remarkable and athletic plays throughout the season.