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ASU Football: New technology powers Sun Devils through Summer workouts

Speed will be a key factor for Arizona State football this season.

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One major bang of the rock by offensive lineman Sam Jones — and just like that — Arizona State football concluded its summer practices on Wednesday.

At 7 a.m., morning weightlifting in the Sun Devils’ new facility was followed by agility drills in the Verde Dickey Dome that concluded around 9:30 a.m.

The Sun Devils performed cone drills, suicides, dives, sprints, etc. in a fast paced, high tempo set of drills.

While drills help ASU football gain strength, speed and quickness, technology has captured just how fast these Sun Devils really are. Arizona State began to use Catapult GPS technology during last season and made the most out of it this summer.

“I’m a competitor,” running back Kalen Ballage said. “We talk crap each other back and forth and try to see who is going to win that day.”

Ballage ran a Sun Devil fastest 23.3 miles per hour in a Summer practice.

When asked if his time has ever been beaten, he simply shook his head with a large grin.

Another Sun Devil sprinter, quarterback Manny Wilkins, admitted it’s fun to observe and compete with his mind-boggling fast teammates.

“It’s been cool to see some of the numbers like KB (Ballage), N’Keal [Harry], [Koron] Crump put up,” Wilkins said. “Getting over like 22 to 23 miles per hour is pretty stupid.”

@Devilstrength via Instagram

Wilkins said at the beginning of every practice he anxiously eyes a sheet of paper to see his speed. He described him and his teammates’ curiosity as trying to get a part in a play, and then noting how far your name is up on the list.

Wilkins said his fastest time of the Summer was 19.7 mph.