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ASU Football: Wednesday’s practice notebook

Practices are warming up in Tempe. Today’s heat? 96 degrees at 9 a.m.

Photo taken by Jacob Franklin/

TEMPE – The Arizona State Sun Devils continued fall camp, as they practiced in full pads and helmets at the Kajikawa practice fields in front of three NFL scouts on Wednesday.

The Sun Devils warmed up with a combination of stretches and light jogs before they hit ball security tackle, tempo and 11-on-11 drills.

Last practice: Tuesday, Aug. 8

Next practice: Thursday, Aug. 10

Weather: 96 degrees

Music: Poison (Bell Biv Devoe)


Green (Limited, no tackling)

Jalen Bates, Brady White, Corey Smith, Evan Fields, DeMonte King, A.J. Latu

Muscle Beach (Sat out, stretched during tempo and special team drills)

Nick Ralston, Ryan Jenkins, Zach Robertson, Jordan Hoyt, Langston Frederick, Jamie Diaz, Corey Stephens

First-Team Offense

QB: Manny Wilkins

RB: Kalen Ballage, Demario Richard

TE: Jay Jay Wilson

WR: N’keal Harry, John Humphrey, Jalen Harvey

OL: Cohl Cabral (LT), Sam Jones (LG) , A.J. McCollum (C), Steven Miller (RG), Quinn Bailey (LT)

Second-Team Offense

QB: Blake Barnett

RB: Eno Benjamin

WR: Terrell Chatman, Ryan Newsome, Kyle Williams

TE: Tommy Hudson

OL: Quinn Bailey (LT) *took both first and second-team reps, Connor Humphreys (LG), Tyler McClure (C), Alex Losoya (RG), Mason Walter (RT)

First-Team Defense

DL: JoJo Wicker, Tashon Smallwood, Shannon Forman

LB: Christian Sam, Koron Crump, D.J. Calhoun

SPUR: J’Marcus Rhodes

DB: Joey Bryant, Kobe Williams, Dasmond Tautalatasi, Chad Adams

Second-Team Defense

DL: George Lea, Dougladson Subtyl, D.J. Davidson

LB: Abraham Thompson, Khaylan Thomas, Deion Guignard

SPUR: Marcus Ball

DB: Darien Cornay, Ty Thomas, Chase Lucas, Alex Perry


The Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills and Houston Texas each had one scout at practice.

11-on-11 Rundown

Tempo Drills

Wilkins: Richard either ran the ball or was thrown a screen pass for nearly every play. Wilkins started the drive at his own 20-yard line and ended it midway through the opposite side of the field.

Barnett: The sophomore quarterback ended his drive with a touchdown pass to Ryan Newsome.

11-on-11 Drills

Wilkins: 1. Richard ran up the middle for about a yard. 2. A flag was thrown, and Graham yelled “holding up number 65!” McCollum tagged the offense with a penalty. 3. Richard ran for three yards. 4. Wilkins threw a screen to Harvey who took a step forward before he was hit hard by Bryant and lost the football, and the defense recovered the fumble. 5. Ballage found room and got about five yards on an explosive run. 6. Humphrey took a hand off and was tackled in the backfield.

Barnett: 1. Benjamin ran to the right side of the field and was wrapped up after three yards. 2. Graham screams “second and two!” Benjamin is given the ball again, but doesn’t convert as he’s tackled after a yard. 3. Barnett rolls out of the pocket and throws into open space about ten yards in front of him to the right side. The throw away didn’t happen because he was covered, but likely because of a miscommunication between him and Williams who was the nearest receiver. 5. Barnett then tried to run it himself on the final play, but a whistle was blown to halt the play right before he was about to make contact with a lineman near the middle of the field.


ASU punter Michael Sleep-Dalton, a Geelong, Australia native, was seen kicking rugby-styled punts. Former Oregon State running back Paul Lucas was practicing as the return man alongside Humphrey.